Won't You Be My Neighbor [White Paint Edition]

I'm obsessed with this gorgeous house. I think it's off the market now so someone may have just purchased it. Is it anyone out there reading? Can we be best friends? I'll bring the champagne.

It's about a 12 minute walk from my house so that counts as neighbor, right?

Maybe my obsession with this one suggests I should just paint my entire house white?  My interior is due for a new coat of paint so I'm definitely considering it.  I just love how light and bright it all feels.

Worth noting is that they painted the exterior brownstone white.  I'm not mad about it but I'm guessing they might have had a few naysayers about that choice.  What do you think about the renovation?


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    its gorgeous

  2. The white exterior is beautiful and generally I'm against painted masonry. I'm encouraged by the new paints available now like Romabio that are a mineral base without acrylic that causes issues with water and freezing that damages the brick or stone. Hopefully this house was treated to an appropriate paint finish.

    1. I can’t comment on the type of paint but the White certainly works to brighten up the face.

  3. I want to know where that bathroom sink and faucets came from. TDF!!!

  4. The interior is lovely and the exterior looks nice- however, I grew up in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn and absolutely love the look of natural brownstone and would never, ever paint it. I am 63 and still have memories of visiting friends who lived in some of those magnificent brownstones. I can recall the incredible fireplaces, ornate plaster, built in tall mirrors,huge pocket doors and so many other wonderful features. Bottom line-the owners have to do what makes them happy.


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