Hong Kong with 2 Kids

Well we made it!  Half way around the world and back wasn't so bad.  The kids slept through most of the flight.  The worst was the jet lag.  Recovering from that is NO JOKE.  But we are back on a schedule now and life has returned to normal so time for a trip recap.

Hong Kong with Kids Star Ferry

We planned for the jetlag so didn't overload our schedules.  We have been to Hong Kong (pre-kids) before so we knew we would just take it easy and enjoy the city as it came. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Wan Chai which had a full sized playground in the building.  We have traveled quite a bit but I can't recall ever having that particular amenity and we really loved it.  Our hotel was also quite close to the Star Ferry terminal.  What kid doesn't love a boat ride?

Hong Kong Kids Riding Star FerryHong Kong Kids Looking out of Star Ferry Window

If you know how I travel, you know I'm a sucker for a good market.  Hong Kong is loaded with them so we visited lots.  The kids' favorite was the Goldfish Market.  Shop after shop selling fish and all other kinds of pets totally engaged them.  We had to pull them out of one shop to see the exact same offering in another.  It's all quite small and crowded but it was a highlight all the same.

Hong Kong Goldfish MarketHong Kong Making Fish Faces at Goldfish Market
Hong Kong fun family activity

We did visit some of the great wet markets around the city as well.  Oscar was a little bit too young to really appreciate those but Aggie really got into it whether it was watching the live fish flop around or sampling some of the fruit, she took it all in.

Hong Kong Family Travel Graham Street Market Egg VendorHong Kong Family Travel Flowers at Graham St Market
Hong Kong Wan Chai Wet Market Fish Seller

We were fortunate to find a great recommended baby-sitter for a few evenings as well so the Mr. and I got to have a few hours to ourselves to experience the city while the kids slept. We had some great grown up dinners at Mott32 and Vea but my personal favorite was visiting the Tai Pan Reflexology Parlor where we got foot massages in a beautifully decorated opium den themed shop. It was a little slice of restful heaven after long flights and tired feet.

Hong Kong Tai Pan Reflexology Parlor EntranceHong Kong Tai Pan Reflexology Tea

Of course no trip to Asia is complete for us without a stop at the Din Tai Fung chain which just happen to serve the most delish xiao long bao.  We introduced our kids to the yummy soup dumplings on this trip. Sadly they didn't love them as much as we do but I did get a resounding "not so bad" out of Aggie which is about as good as it gets these days. Six going on sixteen sometimes.

Hong Kong Family travel Din Tai Fung

After several days of exploring the jam packed streets of the city it was time to take the kids for a bit of fun at Ocean Park.  It's a mash up of an amusement park and aquarium and zoo in one.  The place is huge and a bit random but the kids loved it.
Hong Kong Ocean Park WalrusHong Kong Ocean Park Roller Coaster
Hong Kong Ocean Park Gondola

On our final full day in Hong Kong we made our way to Disneyworld. Despite the castle being under construction and Mystic Manor (which some say is the best ride in all the parks) being closed, we had a perfect day. The park is small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed yet there is more than enough to keep you busy HK Disney had virtually no crowds, no advance planning was required and the entire place was very well managed. (A stark contrast to how I felt about Disney Paris). One our favorite rides was the Jungle Cruise but I really can't recommend this park highly enough with small children.
Hong Kong Disneyworld CaroselHong Kong Disneyland Drums
Hong Kong Jungle Cruise Elephant

All in all a great trip. We were so lucky to experience this city as a family together. It truly has something for everyone.
Hong Kong Street Mural

Hope you find these trip recaps useful!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask - I'm always happy to talk vacation.


  1. I've been waiting for this post!! Looks amazing. Would love tips for finding sitters on vacations - do you know someone locally that helped you?
    Do you ever struggle feeding the kids when you travel? One of our kids is especially picky, and I wonder how he would without access to his treasured perdue chicken nuggets, ha!

    1. Also interested in tips for finding sitters on vacation!

    2. We don't usually use sitters on vacation. Not that I'm opposed to it but it's just not something I generally come across. How we came about getting a sitter in HK is a bit of a long, boring story but I can say that having one made the trip soooo much better. We were able to do lots of adult things we wouldn't be able to usually. That said, there were a couple of anxious jokes about human trafficking shared as we left the hotel that first night.

      We found this one by using a service recommended by someone local. If you are planning on going to HK, Id be happy to share her number with you. Just email me.

      As for eating, my kids can be picky too - especially the two year old. I see it as just a normal part of development at that age so I don't fight it too hard. I don't use vacations as the time to pick a battle. I'm more focused on allowing them to see and sometimes try new things on vacation but focus on balanced eating at home. Lucky for me, my kids aren't underweight so I don't worry about it too much. I continue to offer food - a mix of new things as well as things they are used to and see what they take. If they are hungry, they will eat eventually. I also allow the occasional McDonalds or treat to round out the trip. I try not to ruin my own trip on principle. Also keep in mind that no matter where you go, they will have SOMETHING your kid will eat. Don't let it stop you from going anyway.

  2. Wow! HK is definitely on my bucket list. I also LOVE Din Tai Fung but have only been to the Seattle location. SOOOOO good. My kids LOVE dumplings and slurped up so many we had to order more. Walking those hills works up an appetite. How long were you there?

    1. I've never been to the Seattle one but we've been to plenty of the others. There are some other non chain xiao long bao in NYC that is equally yummy if you are ever here.

      We were there for 6 days but the first couple of days were pretty lazy as we got adjusted to the time zone. As you would expect, everyone was back on a normal schedule just as we were leaving! Oh well.

  3. Casie9:02 PM

    Great summary. Thanks for sharing your travels.


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