What should I put on my walls? | 5 Paintings You Can Buy Right Now

I often get asked for suggestions about what artwork a homeowner should buy. It's such a personal decision and I believe you should really love the artwork hanging in your home so it's hard to make recommendations without knowing a person's style. But I can suggest some great pieces of art by artists I admire and that's what this post is all about.  Each one of these is original and affordable so they are the perfect way to start dressing those endless empty walls.

Bliss by Jan Burnett is summer on canvas and would look great in so many little nooks.

City Abstract by Robert Frank reminds me of growing up in 1980s NYC (although I have no idea which city or timeframe he was painting)

 Jenny Doh's 654 Sights to See is just a little bit disturbing but also hard to look away. 

Old Fashioned by Lucas Simmons is a stunner in blue and green.

On the Way to School by Tali falls into the little bit odd category but there is something about the shadows and the expressionless faces that capture the eye.  You know I can't resist a good creepy painting.

Anything catch your eye?  Each one of these is an original one of a kind so if you love it, grab it. I'd love to see these beauties hanging in your home so please share!

If you like peeping artists like I do, check out an earlier post about 5 more wonderful artists to watch.

Note: This is not a sponsored post nor do I receive any benefit if you make a purchase.  I just want to support these artists in whatever (albeit small) way I can .


  1. My favorite is "On The Way to School".


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