The power of paint - part 3

For those sick of seeing paint related post, I think this will be the last one so rest easy. But I feel obligated to show the rest of the color choices since it was a big deal to me.

I made a specific effort to keep the downstairs colors neutral because so many other elements like furniture, fabric, appliances, etc..get added in living/dining/kitchens. Since the upstairs is essentially bedrooms, I wanted a little bit more color while still being a relaxing scheme.

(Ignore the blue border - that's painters tape)

The hallway space got the same color as downstairs - pale gray on the walls, china white ceiling, bone white trim.
Skylight, Molding added, Ceiling taped off for Paint,Second Floor Hallway

The tiny little nothing room got a color called "Silver Marlin" It looked pretty green on the chip but is very blue in person. Very pretty and doesn't look too baby blue. I really like it.
Tiny Extra Room

Our master bath got a muted blue-green called "Quiet Moments". It always seems to come out darker in the photos than it is in person but it really works nicely with the green accents in the floor and the grey veining the vanity top. Its really soothing and I love it.

The master bedroom got one shade darker than the bathroom which is called "Beach Glass".
Master Bedroom
When I first saw it, I was convinced the painters must have made a mistake because it looked weird and dark. Then I realized it wasn't the color but it was the finish. The whole room was painted in semi-gloss. It looked very intuitional because the walls had a "washable with a fire hose" type of look. More importantly, every tiny imperfection was practically glowing b/c of the sheen. The painters realized their mistake and repainted it with the extra "Silver Marlin" paint they had from the tiny room. Its not the color I originally selected but there was no point wasting that extra paint for a tiny shade difference. (The extra semi gloss Beach Glass is what got used in repainting the poo bathroom).
Master Bedroom

The guest bedroom got a medium sage green color. I'll admit I don't really love this shade. I didn't love it on the chip and I don't love it on the wall. I sort of wanted a green but I couldn't find the right shade so I just picked something that wouldn't be too offensive. At the last minute I ended up going with something called "Saybrook Sage". Its one of Benjamin Moore's historical colors so I figured it wouldn't be too annoying. And its totally fine.
Guest Bedroom

And finally came the little room that will be all mine for my various crafty activities. I didn't want such a soothing color in there. I seriously considered doing some kind of silver leaf treatment on the walls but that was ruled out because its too complicated and expensive to do properly. After much back and forth, I finally settled on a bright teal blue. (I also used this color for the inside of most of our closets)
Love how this turned out. Its quite bright but that was the intention. I have a lot of black accents in here so I think its a nice color to pop.

So that's pretty much it for the paint colors. I'm so glad to have those decisions made and behind me.


  1. May I ask where you purchased your double shower head from. I been looking for one that "looks" period for some time and I've had no luck


  2. Those colors are smashing, really I can't say how happy they make me.

  3. Thanks Chris!

    Roxy - We bought our exposed shower set from
    The maker is Sign of the Crab.

    Believe it or not, these are the cheapo variety. The one I saw from waterworks was $7K!!!

  4. Hello, your blog is awesome. I'm about to move into a rowhome in Philly, and I'm inspired. Can you tell me which finish you chose for these rooms--eggshell? And are the ceilings a different finish? Thanks!

  5. i am so glad you posted these..i am catching up on my mrs limestone unturned posts...the room is beautiful missy.

  6. Tess Orvis10:52 AM

    Love these paint colors!! I am always searching for the perfect historic paints. Thanks for a great post!


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