Furniture Snafu

Just when I thought I was making headway on the furnishings, Ive run into a problem. The store that I ordered from has filed Chapter 11 - meaning they won't be paying their creditors and I won't be getting my sofa. Damn!

I really like the style and fabric but its not carried by any other stores (manufacter is McCreary Modern). My usual haunts of pottery barn, restoration hardware, etc.. don't have anything like it.
New Couch on the way...
Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. There's a company that does custom furnishings called Bassett. I have friends that have used theem and raved about them. Not sure if they have them in NYC. Here's the website:

    Good luck! I've been enjoying following y'all's progress!

  2. Thanks for reading/posting Tara. There is a Bassett in the area but their styles are a lot more bulky and traditional.

    I really like the curved arm on the original sofa as well as the doesn't seem that out of the ordinary so why aren't there any other out there?

  3. I guess now you know why they didn't ask for a deposit , was it??? it was fishy, that wasn't very nice. Do you have a Lee Industry supplier around your area, I love a their items.

  4. I don't think the deposit had anything to do with this. Perhaps at a corporate level but I don't think the sales people had any idea they were going to be losing their jobs in short order.

    In any case, I don't hold it against the sales people. They have bigger fish to fry.

    I checked out Lee but nothing works out. In addition to wanting a pretty specific style, it has to be 79 inches or smaller. It seems that most couches are made for really large rooms that I don't have.

  5. Anonymous10:06 PM

    If I were you I would call McCreary Modern and explain your dilemma. Perhaps they can point out a retailer in the area or even let you order it directly from them.

    If looks like they are based in NC

  6. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Take a look at this thread on GardenWeb which discussed the furniture line and where you can possibly find in. HTH

    I'm enjoying watching the transformation!

  7. No ideas to where you can find the sofa. But I want to answer the question you posted on my blog. I didn't use stencils, nor did I handpaint the saying on my book cabinet. I used vinyl words from Very easy to do, and it looks like paint.

  8. We have a Bassett home store here... I think you might like their styles.

  9. I called McCreary Modern who bruskly instructed me to call ABC Carpet & Home since they might be able to get the same item for me.

    I spoke to someone at ABC who has to research it and get back to me. She made it sound like they have to reorder the whole thing and its going to be a lot more expensive but until she calls me back, I don't want to jump to any conclusions.

    Thanks but Bassett isn't really my style.

  10. Lovely sofa, very refined but simple! Sorry to hear about your bad luck. That sucks when your heart is set...

    Have you tried Ethan Allen? Most of their stuff is tedious and big and let's just say "not to my taste", but they did have some simple sophisticated pieces in their Glamor collection, I think it was called.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Nope, we don't have any great Canadian design chains for you to lust after. I am seriously thinking about starting one. I just need about a million in capital. ;)

    We do have tons of lovely one-off stores, especially in Toronto and Vancouver, if you are ever north of the border...

  11. Quick Q: from a previous post...that color called "Quiet Moments", the blue-green from your master that Benjamin Moore. I'm looking for a nice green...

    Thx! I love your color posts and have to go back and see if there are more. I am obsessed with paint chips! And I love hearing people describe colors like you do.

  12. Quiet Momements is a Benjamin Moore color.

    ABC Home will order the couch for me. For some reason they need to order the whole thing all over again rather picking up my existing order. And of course its going to cost me $300 more than if I had had my order done with Domain. Really irks me because they are making a full price sale without zero effort on their part. But I want the couch so I'll deal with them for now. You would think you'd get better service from a company that caters to a high end clientele.

    But I won't be buying anything else from them. Their lose as I have an entire house to furnish.

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  14. Anonymous1:41 PM

    What? Domain? OMG. Dammit.


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