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I hope Im not boring everyone with furniture discussions. I'll get back to the reno later this week but the furniture decisions are weighing on my mind since everything seems to take 3-4 months to arrive.

I broke down and ordered the tufted chairs I was lusting after. I got two - one each for the ends of my dining table.
in this fabric (which looks and feels much nicer in reality than it looks here)

My dining room is open to my kitchen and the colors are all cream on cream with hardwood floors.
Dining Room

I think the chairs will add a nice pop of color and pattern. But now I need to find the other chairs. I want to go with a dark wood. Any suggestions?

I *may* need a table, I may not. When we bought the house, there was one piece of furniture left in it which was this very old, ornate dining room table. Its large (seats 8?) but a little too wide for the room in my opinion. I would have also preferred an expandable table so when we have Christmas dinners with 12 guests, we can seat everyone comfortably without having to jimmy rig another table. It would need to be refinished so there is some investment involved. But its clearly an antique with great detail. There is no where else this table would fit. And its such a waste to let it go to waste. So Im torn on the table issue right now. I'm going to postpone that decision until Im able to clean it up and see how it functions once we are using it.


  1. Love the chairs. Y'all are going to have a STUNNING home when you're done!

  2. I love your choice, and I couldn't dare suggest an option , but will say I love my grey linen tufted bench on one side of my dining room table, don't know the company as I bought it off the floor. but if you are in need of some inspiration may I lead you to this is a wonderful resource for some of the top Toronto designers showcases of their work , and also some so so examples, I love Brian Gluckstein's homes they are in keeping with your homes details, no one knows design like he does, check out the Spectacular Kitchen and Dining room makeover video. I hope you find it useful, it may takes days to see it all, I would book mark that .
    Good luck. Look forward to seeing what you come up with .

  3. Thanks Tara.

    I love your bench Chris. I seriously considered it but I know my cat would end up living on it. Plus I think it might be uncomfortable for dinner guests to have to move out simultaneosly when they wanted to get up. But for kids it would work fabulously.

  4. I am sure it won't work well for kids either though as I am paranoid to let them get near it , we haven't had a dinner yet I am sure it would be silly but it looks so good.

  5. Ok, so I stand corrected but it looks FABULOUS. I wouldn't let anyone near it either.

    Thats one of the things I know Im going to be bad about. It was easier to have big parties when my furniture was junk. Now that Ill have nicer stuff, it will be harder to just let people mess it up without a blink.


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