Wallpapered shelves? Check.

So thats one thing off the list. Sort of. Of course I can't find all the books I had in my last home's built-ins so its looking a bit overun by tchoktes and bare of books. Have no fear people, I do read. As soon as I find the rest of the things that belong on these shelves, they will be properly "merchandised".


I did happen to find my collection of antique cameras and some display photographs. I realize I haven't put a new photo in a frame in years. Time to add some more current photos to the collection, I suppose.


When I ordered the paper I had some sort of odd notion that the roll would be wide enough to cover the back in one sheet. Not quite sure why I thought that but when it arrived it was clear that was not the case. Since I didn't want to permanently affix the paper to the back of the shelf, getting visible seams to become invisible was going to be a big problem. So I decided to hang the pattern horizontally and see how it looked. I briefly considered matching the pattern up from shelf to shelf but Im glad I didn't bother...i like the movement the alternating direction gives.


But I have a whole new found respect for anyone who has the patience to hang a patterned wallpaper in an entire room. That would be an incredible amt of precision work that is way beyond my patience level.

Back to this project, I'm not sure if I want to also paper the back of the middle set of shelves. I do like how it looks on the left and leaving the middle blank might be a little odd. But I don't want to be overwelmed by the patern either. In any case, I need to figure out a layout of stuff for the shelves before I do anything else anyway since the seams are hidden by the shelves, the spacing needs to be final before I do anymore papering. What do you think?


  1. The middle could be papered - but I really like it now. It is balanced. You could also paper the whole back wall, including the glass cabinet.

  2. It looks amazing , and bold, I love it , you made the right choice.

  3. It looks fabulous! What a transformation.

  4. Wow! Looks fab. Great job.

  5. Love the new wallpaper....I didn't realize it was hung horizontal until you pointed it out! Lookin good there girlie :o)

  6. Looks great! I like it with just the one tower wallpapered...it leaves some "breathing room" and doesn't look so cluttered.

  7. I think papering the middle shelf would give the project a less temporary look...but I wouldn't do wall behind the glass cabinet.

  8. What about just painting the back of the middle shelf the dark color?

  9. Looks great, I'd do behind the glass and leave the middle as is.

    Lovely job.


    I collect old cameras too !!!

  10. love it! i'd paper the middle section =) looks GREAT. debbie

  11. Has a William Morris feel, subtle yet striking.
    Books or larger scale items, a bowl or a cache pot.

  12. I love it, what did you end up putting the wallpaper on? I liked the idea of painting the middle section a darker shade of paint.

  13. Love the camera collection...

  14. love it! you did a fantastic job! and good call on the randomness of the pattern.
    { julie }


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