Furniture and a fortunate free find.

We spent all day Saturday visiting various furniture showrooms.

God, there is some really ugly furniture out there. I'd like to pose some questions to the industry: How many ugly brown sofas do people really buy? I'm pretty sure Ive seen enough slightly different versions for every man, woman and child on earth. And to the sofa salesman: What part of "less than 80 inches wide" is confusing you? Yes, I realize 85 inches is just 5 inches more than 80. Thanks for that amazing math lesson. They really should make a movie about your genius. Do you realize that you are getting on my nerves?

Despite one close call with an order (mostly out of sheer disgust rather than genuine interest in owning said item), we ended the day empty handed.

We got up this morning with renewed vigor and headed in Soho to visit the couch I posted about below at Room&Board.
Couch purchased!
I sat on the Loring chair and sofa and determined the tight back didn't make it uncomfortable so that was a relief. And I really like the shape. Success! I spent a good bit of time looking at the various fabric samples and ultimately went with their "micro-velvet" in taupe. This is the only thing I'm not really in love with. Its not really velvet...its kind of like a mix of velvet and fleece. Super soft and comfy & easier to clean but its a little more casual looking than I would like. They did have a velvet fabric option but not in a color I wanted so I went with the color rather than the hand of the fabric. So I put in the order and I'm hoping to have some living room furniture by the fourth of July.
Since this would be the third time I signed a sales receipt for my couch, I'm hoping three times a charm. The service there was really excellent - very low pressure but there when we had questions and were ready to order. The salesperson, Kevin (opps) Steven, was a genuine gentleman so I'm hoping that's a good omen.

And while Im not 100% in love with this choice as I was with my original, this gets me to about 90% satsified. Considering the price was roughly HALF - thats not a bad tradeoff. I think I can put my time and efforts and money into other projects now this is taken care of.
free frame scene of the crime
Walking out of the store with the weight of that task lifted, we decided to spend some time in the area enjoying the suddenly gorgeous nice weather (I could have sworn the forecast called for rain and chilly breezes). Not more than a couple of blocks from the store, we passed a gallery that had a pile of empty frames leaning against the building. I spotted this paper sign underneath the bulk of them.
Did someone say free?
Oh yea, thats right! Lovely black and gold frames just calling out my name! Mr.L took too of the large ones and I took a matching pair in a medium size and we marched back to the car to throw these in the back. They were absolutely coming home with us!
Frames coming home with moi!
This totally made my day. One because I have a strange love of beautiful frames and two, I was just thinking I'd like to do one of those photo arrangements where you use a large frame on the wall and a grouping of smaller photos inside. I don't quite know what I'll do with the others but I know I can put them to good use. So major score of the day.

Im never one of those lucky people to just find treasures in the trash so this was highly unusual. My father, who was quite the master at finding some pretty amazing things at the curb on garbage day, would be very proud. haha

After that little find, we headed over to a street fair that was taking place a few blocks away. After enjoying the obligatory street gyro and roasted corn, I bought these posters.
Not sure what I'll do with them just yet but for a few dollars each, they might come in handy.

And before we left, Mrs. Limestone picked this tin sign up for his basement bathroom.
Thomas Crapper Co Tin Sign

So it was a very productive Sunday for us. I'm nearly afraid to say that I have the couch search wrapped but Im going to be optimistic and declare mission accomplished prematurely. :)

ps: Excuse the quality of the photos - I was using my camera phone. I think is the second time I've used it but it came in kinda handy.

And here are the frames once I got them home. A large gold one, a large black one and a set of matching gilded wood ones.
treasure garbage frames


  1. I think the new sofa is going to look gorgeous. Love the vintage posters and the frames too! I have never been one of those lucky people that find cool free stuff. LMAO at Thomas Crapper & Co. Perfect for the "man" bathroom!

  2. I will cross my fingers for you for the order to come out in your favour, perfectly.
    What a score indeed , don't you just love it when that happens even if only once.

  3. Wow what an exciting day, the couch, those frames, the posters, the lavatory art, all amazing!
    Personally, the fabric will wear better than that of velvet! It reminds me of the Steiff bears.
    I need to shop for free with you!

  4. Great haul! The couch looks stylist and comfortable too.

  5. Good job on the frames. It is always delightful to score both free and NICE things. Frames cost a fortune for something big and nice, so good score!!

    I love the sofa also, very sleek and refined. I know you don't love the fabric and hate to add to your angst, but I have a microfibre suede-look Natuzzi sofa and chair and they are annoying. They look a little too casual, they are always covered in orange cat hair (I vacuum them off at least once a week but could do it every day) and they look best when just vacuumed and the nap is all in the same direction.

    I think maybe your fabric is not as thick, so you may not have the nap issue. But with a cat in the house, you will have to be diligent to keep him off. We have started laying magazines on the sofa and armchair seats when we leave the house and the cat is getting the idea that he isn't supposed to sleep here. So now he lays on the arms. So we put magazines there too. Eventually we hope the cat hair will not be an issue once we re-train him to sit on his pink chair (old) and not on the "good" chairs. I will never again buy a sofa and chair with this kind of nappy fabric!

    Hope yours is PERFECT! Terri

  6. terri- I have no doubt that my couch will be covered in cat hair. Thats why I try to pick a shade that is in the same color family as my cat. But that would be the case with the velvet too. I just like the way the velvet looks more but I can't have everything.

    It does have some nap but its pretty low. Hopefully that won't be an issue but time will tell.

    I do use my Dyson animal attachment A LOT!

  7. Wow first you get a free table now some free frames? Does anyone else have this type of luck :)I recently went to an auction (first time, very exciting) and picked up a set of similar type frames for $25. I wanted to make a gilt frame message/cork board, by inserting some some velvet fabric over the cork board and criss-crossing ribbon over it(Saw it in a Pottery Barn book).

    I really like the couches. Even though the fabric is not exactly what you wanted the shape of the couch is lovely. Really suits your house.

  8. Hi Ms S - thanks for posting. While the frames were definitely free, I wouldn't consider the table free since it came with the house which was most definitely not free :)

    I have a large cork message board and I love it. Maybe I should make a big chalkboard out of one of these? Im not sure where to use it but I have several different ideas so stay tuned :)

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