The couch hunt continues...

Quelling my extreme anger at the complete lack of any customer service at ABC Home, I'm moving on in the couch hunt. I plan on doing a hard target search this weekend but my history of hard target searches tends to be pretty weak. I usually go looking for something and come back empty handed (or maybe with something totally uneeded instead!)

So I must be focused. I must be disciplined. I must be quick. I must order a couch. I hope the furniture gods are smiling on me this time. Ive already sacrificed 4 months at their altar.

Im going to look at some Mitchell Gold sofas this weekend as well as make a stop at Macy's furniture and whatever other furniture stores in the area Im haunting. PVE suggested I look at - my first thought is that they are too modern for me and most of their options are a little too space aged for my tastes, but the Loring jumped out.
Most importantly, it comes in the right width - 78 inches! Secondly, I like the shape...clean lines without being boxy. They seem to have a nice selection of fabrics - Im eyeing the taupe. And thirdly, the price seems quite reasonable at $950!

My concern is that I find couches without back cushions to be a tad uncomfortable. Of course I'd add my own throw pillows but still. Anyone have a couch like this who can comment on comfort?

Keep in mind, my living room isn't one of those rooms that is never used except when company is over. I use my living room everyday (or at least I will when I have furniture). I spend far too many hours on my couch enjoying trash tv and louging about.


  1. I like it. Also check out Norwalk furniture. They have something similarly cool designed by Candice Olsen, I think. Or maybe Bassett furniture they have reasonable prices and you can pick the fabric and legs and have it in about 2 weeks. They say 4 but I got one from them a few years back and it was there before 2 weeks had passed. Best of luck!

  2. Oooo, I totally forgot about Room and Board. That's a great option!! I bought a chair from them and the quality is really good. My sister has one of their couches and it's seriously one of the most comfortable I've ever sat on (and slept on).

  3. Wow, seldom do I think my advice is truly heeded.
    The one you chose is great, I love that one too!
    Sophisticated and will blend with a lot of other style chairs!

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  5. Nice choice. Ok I have a question this has nothing to do with furniture. I ordered the same kitchen faucet as you (prior to seeing you kitchen oddly enough) but the company I ordered it from delayed it for 2 months. Did you get it locally or did you have to wait for it too? I'm really pissed because I waited a month and then they tell a week after it was supposed to be delivered that it would take another month. Ahhhh!!!! Thanks in advance for your help.

  6. Hi Amil - We didn't order our faucet locally. I don't remember how long it took to arrive but I knew certain companies had long lead times for their fixtures so I ordered it months in advance. Some plumbing supply stores do carry Rohl but I think the wait time depends upon the finish. Sorry I can't help.

  7. i have this couch from WS Home (coincidentally made by Mitchell Gold - when you get it, that's the tag on the bottom!)

    it is uber-comfy and i totally recommend. also great for prewar doors because the frame comes off and gets in tight spots (i only had a 27" stairwell).

    one big suggestion - if you have the time and energy, head out to the pottery barn outlet at the riverhead outlet mall. they stock WS Home furniture and if you hit it when it's god, then it's REALLY good. we're talking bid deals and gorgeous product. walk past the WS and PB stuff, WS Home is in the way-way back and usually empty. i have gotten three pieces of WS home furniture from there for over 70% off.

  8. I love that couch , its beautiful , and a great price, we have both cushion back and tight back sofa's in our family room , I want a tight back chair to replace the lose back one because it is a saggy gross mess, the pillow back doesn't have enough body to look good over the long haul.I would opt for the tight back myself if you want clean lines.
    However we do have cushion back sofas and as long as the filling is quite firm it can stand up well. There is always someone sitting on our tight back sofa over the lose back!

  9. Thanks Libby - love that couch. I didn't realize the PB outlet carries WS home stuff. Good suggestion to go to the outlet but I don't have any means of carting furniture back home with me. Do they have a delivery service?

  10. I can't wait to see how your search goes over the weekend!

  11. sorry for late response - they do have a delivery service all the way to our fair city. here's a tip: in the event the clerks at the checkout threaten you with "make sure all doors are removed from hinges, you must be there with bells on, turn over first born upon delivery" - worry not. they talk a big game. but like most things that happen once you cross city lines, nuthin' a $20 won't fix. an extra $50 to my two movers got frame legs removed before walking up the stairs so as not to tear through sheetrock on the way up, then put back on just as professionally.

    glad you found a R&B sofa. they too have wonderful service. i got my bed, two chairs and coffee table there. the day of delivery - they showed up at 8:30am! i had never seen such service! i hope you have the same experience after the snobs at ABC hosed your plans to kick back and put your feet up.

    ps: i just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it (i too am a reno junkie)! keep up the awesome work. i read the PVE blog and that's how I got connected. your moving announcment was awesome!

  12. Thanks libby! I definitely need to make a trip out to the PB outlet if they will deliver it.

    Do you have a blog? Always looking for new people to stalk :)


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