Chalk it up to perfect imperfection!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Restyled Home - a blog full of inspirational photos for the home obsessed like me. As if she didn't have enough eye candy, Linda recently posted a challenge to her readers to share their 'perfectly imperfect' corners of our home. Isn't that a great idea? Well, many of her readers agreed and shared their own stories.

Well here is my addition to the fray. Its the magnetic/chalkboard message center I added on the inside of my pantry door. Not quite as impressive as many of the projects I posted as inspiration but I'm happy with it.

Here is the door on Friday afternoon (aka: Before)
Chalkboard Door Before
and here it is last night
Chalkboard Door Done!

A bit time consuming but very straightforward. I used 5 coats of the metallic primer to get it strong enough to hold a magnet well. I could have probably used another few coats but I was sick of priming after 5 and it was strong enough. I let that dry/cure for a day.

Then I added three coats of the black chalkboard paint and let that dry a few hours.

If you look closely, you can see the little embellishment I added using a stencil at the top and bottom.
Pattern on Chalkboard Door
I wanted to do a tone on tone damask pattern but despite visiting 3 different craft shops, I couldn't find a damask stencil. So I used a scrolly one instead.

I waited for the chalkboard paint to be dry to the touch and then mixed in a bit of pearl paint with the chalkboard paint and used the stencil on top and bottom.

And despite my best efforts with carefully placing down the blue tape and pressing hard - it still bleed thru a bit so I need to back and touch up the areas on the trim that have black blotchy spots. So its not perfect but it should do the trick.

I need to let it cure for a few days before I write on it but I'm very happy I got something started and finished all in the same weekend. I know, I know - hardly a big deal as this was a very small project but let me have my small victories :)


  1. hello mrs Limestone ;) what a lovely way of introducing yourself to my blog with this name! I sometimes call myself Madame VosgesPAris if I am in a poshy mood ;PP ANyway I see you used your sklls to participate in the challenge aswell... think you did a great job and Yes you may have your victories! Its a grat idea to use it as a chalck board and the little thingie on the top looks stunning... bye bye from a dark and rainy amsterdam

  2. That is crazy good, leave it to you to take a chalkboard to a whole other level of geneous, What a fantastic idea to stencil, I will be touching up the bleeding on my stairs I didn't want to stick the tape too hard and pull off the white, it looks perfect to me your chalkboard, well done, and I am in awe of the mouldings in your home , incredible.

  3. Well, I am giving you an A+
    Great job! You should feel very proud!

  4. Oh, it came out great! I love the scrolly design...what a nice touch (she types...while wondering where there's a door near her kicthen to do this to...)

  5. Mrs.Limestone...I am loving your wood floor!!!!
    The pantry door is great too...but your cabinetry and flooring are awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    See you in flickr land,


  6. Ok....I admit, great door, but i'M blinded and stunned by the gorgeous floors and woodwork as well. Oooh la la! But, back to the the clever stencil twist...nice touch!

  7. What a fun idea. Especially love the tone on tone stencil!

    Why don't they sell damask stencils in craft stores?! I can't find one either.

  8. Absolutely adorable!

  9. That turned out beautifully. The stenciling adds a very nice finishing touch.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but your floors are absolutely stunning. You could comprise a whole series of posts just on those beautiful inlays.

  10. Your place is soo awesome!!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  11. You elevate everything to a height one could only hope to achieve!! Beautiful, as usual! Yes, you are late for my post, but I will mention it in an upcoming post for sure. The stencil is just too good not to mention...


  12. Mrs. L!

    Looks great!

    Just so happens that 'this young house' just did a post today on a paint/craft store in their area {with a link} and they sell damask stencils! I know it's too late, but something to keep in the back of your mind!

  13. Thanks so much for the kind words! Makes a girl feel good :)

    There are definitely damask stencils but buying online made no sense as something that cost me $12here would have cost me $40 with shipping, etc. Not to mention the time wasted. So this will do. Its not something many people will see anyway - its more of a fun touch for me to enjoy really.

  14. I've just found your blog this weekend and you have me hooked. When reading today's blog I expected an average chalkboard, boy was I suprised. First off, your trim molding and floors are spectacular, but to see how your turned a mere chalkboard into something artworthy was inspiring. Kudos to you and keep up the fantastic job on your beautiful home.

  15. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Looks great I have been wanting to paint something with chalkboard paint.


  16. Lovely indeed. I really like how you embellished it with a stencil. I would have never thought of that. I am in love with your floors!

  17. Great job, love it!

  18. Just beautiful - I love the scroll embellishment - what a great way to make a chalkboard stylish!!

  19. It looks like perfection to me.

  20. Love the chalk board idea. I did a similar thing to a door in my home. I will be adding the scrolly detail now after seeing yours! And can I say "WOW" your moulding is amazing! I bet you are now thinking why didn't I zoom in. But fear not the amazing floor and mouldings did not detract from the door. :)

  21. Love love love the stencil!

  22. Mrs. L-

    I had to come back and read this post to check some details. I'm about to paint a similar door with chalkboard paint and wondered if you used a roller or a brush? Couldya, wouldya let me know? Yours is the most stunning pantry magnetic chalkboard door I've ever seen btw!

  23. This is a great post, and thank you for sharing this :)

  24. I love your chalkboard. And how clever (but time consuming!) to add the magnetic element. I am planning to incorporate a painted chalkboard somewhere in my new kitchen. It's a must for leaving notes to dear hubby. What a beautifully done project- kudos!

  25. This is adorable. I did something similar in my home but am still not totally satisfied with it. I plan on adding chalkboard paint and a checkerboard tint so I can use it at a calendar. Someday.


  26. Love the damask stencil detail! You are so talented!


  27. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Love your work. There is now green tape available that completely stops paint bleed thru. Way outshines the blue tape that I thought was so fabulous until the paint bled through after 3 hours of taping off molding :(
    I've been planning on the same chalkboard idea on my laundry room door, and will now add the most beautiful stencil idea, thanks mucho to you!

  28. Anonymous5:38 PM

    This is beautiful! Your moldings are also divine! I have similar moldings and fleur de lis on my moldings in an old apartment that my husband and I recently bought. We are renovating now, as there is some work, but it's fun! If you want, you can check out the renovations on my blog

  29. Lh97892:51 AM

    Your pantry came out beautifully!  I can't believe no one has asked this before, but what brand is that delicate and lovely stencil?

  30. Sorry I don't remember - its been a few years since I did this project.


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