I Y this idea!

Remember the empty frames hanging in my living room?
Frames hung
I figured I would find a single piece of artwork to hang inside each but I wasn't sure quite what.

But then the lovely and oh so talented Mrs. van Essche, posted about my frames in her blog and suggested more of a collage like this:
frame within a frame
Isn't this gorgeous?

I can mix up some photos with a small mirror or two to add some sparkle as well.

The only problem is finding such beautiful frames! I'll probably spend the next decade scouring the world for them but its now on my lists of things to do.

Thanks PVE!!


  1. perfect idea!!! it will look stunning!

  2. Always such fabu ideas here. :-)

  3. I also saw a friend put a wall basket with some dried hydrangeas inside a frame like that.

    I love when frames are around other frames. good luck finding the ornate ones - if you find em cheap...please let us know where!

  4. it looks like a GREAT IDEA! I think to find frames like that...so intricate looking you may REALLY need to shop around. You'd be surprised what you can find even in a little cheapo store. You can always paint one or two to get that old look to it.

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  5. Ebay! Maybe you can find a vintage frame lot.

  6. Just knew that you would love the idea. Good-will hunting here for frames for you. Several thrift stores are on my rounds. A quest for the best collection.
    Mrs. van Essche (pve design)

  7. That is an awesome idea! Can't wait to see the final product!

  8. i suggest you go to flea markets and second hand stores, may of the frames you can also give a lick of paint.. if you have a look at my blog.. a few post down You see I have all kinda little black frames hanging together... I found them at normal interior shops they all just looks different and that is what makes it fun in a picture frame.

  9. But then you really would have to put holes in the walls!

    I love the idea of adding mirrors to the mix.

  10. I found a whole haul of great frames at Aaron Brothers - a chain - by shopping for the damaged ones - they look antiqued already. You can touch up the worst parts of them. Ebay is a good idea, too.

  11. i love this.
    how fun to make...and look at.
    those frames were sucha great find.
    you are so lucky.

    your family party looked like fun.
    your house looks awesome.

  12. I was forwarded your link as I posted photos of my vintage frame that I want to do something with. Love this idea!!! Thanks so much :)

  13. What a GREAT idea!! We just remodeled and I'm always looking for wall ideas!


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