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Not much to report in terms of projects complete this weekend but I wanted to share one of those little touches that make me smile.

World, meet my dishwashing soap bottle.
Dishwashing soap bottle, meet the world.

I remember seeing this idea in one of those early days of my discovery of Martha Stewart. I thought 'How simple but beautiful!' (which is what I often find myself thinking when I read anything by the genius team at Martha Stewart) but never got around to putting it to use in my last house.

Now I finally can and I've put my own spin on it. Instead of using an olive oil bottle, I've used a vintage bottle that I bought on ebay a while back.
I know its hard to read but it says something like:
National Solution
Caltrate Magnesium
Brooklyn, New York
blah,blah, blah..

Just something a little fun to go with my old house and a very easy way to add some character without doing very much.

Im going to try to find something similar but smaller to put in the downstairs bathroom. Until I find a suitable vessel, I have this hand soap in there. Its not as sleek as zero packaging but I have to give this company kudos from trying to make something attractive. Why don't more companies do this?
PS: I'm not quite sure what Caltrate Magnesium would be taken for and/or why it would be in liquid form but I find a lot of old bottles packaged potions and lotions that aren't too common anymore. Case in point, the goodies I found in the original medicine cabinet here. Oil of Wintergreen isn't something I keep on hand :)


  1. Love the vintage bottle! The pink dishwashing liquid is very cool also. Sure beats the green Palmolive in its original plastic packaging that hides under my sink...

  2. Looks like doing dishes at your home is something to look forward to! Vintage bottle is wonderful!

  3. I do this too. With a olive oil bottle. Love the vintage bottle-its better since the paper label can get a bit distressed.

  4. Love the bottle. I have something similar for my olive oil. I didn't even THINK to do it for my soap, it's a great idea!

  5. Here are a few more that pay attention to their packaging.

    Meyer's Clean Day - packaging is pretty neat as well as The Laundress.

  6. It is the colour and the fact that the container is glass that makes it artistic and perfect.... ... plastic just doesn't cut it in containers as far as I am concerned..... I am even finding pretty coloured wine bottles to use in decorating vignettes... the latest being the palest blue containing a light white summery type vintage... by Casal Garcia ..... and one that was a lovely dark blue... which now has no label and..I forget who or what it was....

  7. the bottle is so pretty , love it , very vintage.
    Any luck with the living room items, I am looking for one white mirror , no luck at all, plenty of ugly ones , I think I will have to make one.

  8. Love it!

    I loved seeing the old Neergard's label. I wish they still looked that cool would that be?

  9. I adore this idea! Also adore those radishes in the background =)

    And as always, your countertop looks amazing.

  10. My DH's entire family does this, with a Saratoga sparkling water bottle. It is a beautiful blue glass, ah, the little things.

  11. Love the whole picture! The radishes, the sparkling faucet.

    Where did you find such pink pink liquid? Beautiful!

    I've been using glass bottles for years...broke a few (slippery when wet)But it DOES make it more fun to do dishes.That and Mrs. Meyers geranium scented soap. Oh My.Need to go find dishes to wash.....

  12. I think Caltrate is a calcium suppliment and magnesium is used you "go". : )

  13. Thanks. Im glad everyone is liking the pink liquid. I would actually prefer blue or green but its what I had laying around. (Don't remember the brand but its the plain stuff at the supermarket..nothing fancy or ecofriendly).

    Another good thing about this type of bottle that I forgot to mention is that the raised type really makes it easy to hold a grip. I'd imagine a smooth bottle being pretty easy to drop.

  14. I like it but worry about it being slippery and glass...maybe I will try this but put a little "sock" over the bottom, like the netting that comes on Asian pears?

    Great idea, though. Looks wonderful.

  15. g - its not slippery at all. The lettering on the bottle gives it a nice grip.

  16. i "lurk" on your blog quite frequently =) normally i don't leave a comment but i just had to say this is a fabulous idea for dish soap. i'm going to have to keep my eye out for one of these bottles. what a lovely idea... thanks for sharing! debbie

  17. I saw that on Martha too! I always get comments about it. It is quite handy isn't it?!?!

    Just stopped in for a visit. I wanted to say Hi and nice Blog!


  18. Is the label "CITRATE magnesium," by any chance? "Caltrate" makes no sense, as it's the brand name of a vitamin supplement not available at the time your bottle was made.

    Citrate magnesium is definitely a laxative. And your bottle is gorgeous.

  19. I have our dish soap in a similar bottle! Love the pink soap too.

  20. Now this is fabulous~ Well done!

  21. I have been wanting a good way to keep my dish soap, Thanks!


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