Headboard hunt halted

Remember my post about longing for a wood framed, tufted headboard? Well, I never did find it or anything like it. And I had to face the facts - it probably wasn't going to be sent to me by the magical furniture fairy either.

So I moved my focus onto winged tufted headboards. You may recall the head to head bed challenge where nearly all the comments liked the more expensive Crate and Barrell bed much better (so did I!) but the $1400+tax+shipping price tag put me off a bit. That seemed like quite a lot for something I didn't love. So I figured I'd live with the mattress on the floor routine for a while longer.

Then while reading the Apartment Therapy Classifies, I came across this ad. Hmm...interesting. A showroom condition version of this bed for $400?
Designed by the lovely Candice Olsen who always creates such glamourous yet soothing spaces with beautiful fabrics and flattering lighting?

I had to take a look! So I headed over the showroom (which turned out to be a trade only bedding showroom), felt the velvetly fabric and agreed to buy it. I took a really bad photo with my cameraphone:
Candice Olsen Tufted Headboard
They also had a blue one (which you can see in the background if you look hard) that I prefered stand alone but it wouldn't have worked against the blue wall.

After a little bit of drama about getting it home, its finally resting safely in the master bedroom.
New Headboarrd
Of course this brings to glaring light how unfinished this room is. Why is it that the more I get done, the more I have to do? Gah. But at least this one thing is done.

So now I need some help. I need the following pieces:
- New bedding
- A small nightstand on the left side of the bed near the door
- A slightly larger nightstand on the right side of the bed
- A rug

I also need a dresser to sit in the corner of the room next to the fireplace mostly for practical purposes. I'm loving this one but I'm not sure if going with ebony furniture is too harsh in here.
C&B Bombe Chest
I do like how it contrasts with the very traditional lines of the room and the chandlier though.

Any suggestions?


  1. OMG , that is amazing , well done, you found the best headboard, it is just what the room need and at a bargain price too, bravo.

  2. What a great find. As you stated, I too love the blue one but you are totally correct going for the contrast. I also agree with the more I do the more glaring are the things I still have to do. Why does an empty room look better than a half finished one?
    Keep up the good work, you will end up with a house you love and can be very proud of, since you did almost everything yourself.

  3. Ahhh... your house just gets better and better. The headboard is gorgeous!

  4. Great job with the headboard hunt!!! I am on the dearch for a tufted one myself. As for the ebony furniture - we love the black in ours. I think it's super dramatic and moody which is perfect in a bedroom!! You can lighten it up in the accents!!

  5. Perfection. Seriously.

  6. Holy moly, what a DEAL. It looks great!!

    I know you probably don't want to use the same round glass table as is in your LR, and I'm also not sure of the scale next to the bed, but I think something like that would look good next to the bed? Especially since the light fixture is gold (I think?). You can use the fabric in those gorgeous drapery panels (not one that's already hanging on your window, natch) and have some funky bolsters/lumbar pillows made with *some* of the fabric (not too matchy matchy).

    Oh, that bed. Can not get past it. :-)

  7. What a deal! I can't believe that. It looks great, too.

    It's so true that one new addition makes everything around it look shabby. I've got the same issue here in my house. I never get a house completely finished and the way I want it until it's time to sell and move on. *sigh*


  8. Sweet dreams. Love it!

  9. Holy cow! What a great deal! I don't think the ebony dresser is too harsh as long as you tie in a black detail elsewhere to tie it together...maybe with artwork? If you're looking for a similarly styled dresser in another color House eclectic has one that comes in a robins egg blue. you can view it here:


    Congrats on your great find! Looks great in your room!

  10. that is such a great headboard - i've never seen one with that kind of...arm detailing - very unusual!

    my two cents - for side tables: i'm picturing something mirrored - or else something with a bamboo type detailing..something kinda like this http://www.lesprit.com/images/tables/36694.jpg but not quite - but i like the way the pieces resemble bamboo and think that could add an unexpected detail to the room...a lovely soft white shar rug perhaps? and i love your bedding and think something along this line (with a large floral or print) but with a bolder color would be lovely...just my suggestions for consideration :o)

  11. fabulous find! it looks fantastic in your room!

    oh why, oh why must i live in smallville, usa and oh so far away from nyc?! the leather version is EXACTLY what i've been looking for! sigh.

    { julie }

  12. Beautiful head board! I just found your blog today, it's great!

  13. The new headboard is beautiful! I love the bay window in your bedroom. And those floors... they are stunning.

  14. Is the headboard color more accurate in the in-store camera phone picture or in the picture of it in your bedroom?

  15. What an amazing deal!

  16. sooo hello Brooklyn.. a family member of mine is staying in brooklyn for the summer and i wondererd how it looked... but if this is brooklyn !! I love it It is really fun to see this kinda houses and the style you are aiming for ... I will add your blog to my link list... By the way I think an iron french garden table will look great next to your bed ;) that by the way is very chique!

    Come and find some ideas at my blog or just to hang aoud a bit. Greetings from Amsterdam Netherlands

  17. Well...you done good! Lovely! My first instinct was a piece of mirrored furniture (end table or bombe chest) also. As an idea:

    I have a feeling you will be sleeping well tonight!

  18. Hi :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment.

    Your new bed is beautiful! For a dresser... how about an antique? Painted perhaps?

    You're doing a wonderful job, so whatever it is, I'm sure it will be lovely.


  19. beautiful headboard - looks amazing.

  20. Oyyy...that headboard...sooo gorgeous. I'm dying a slow death of jealousy right now!! Lucky girl, you...

    Everything you do is bang on!

  21. A steal! What a deal-hunter you are.
    I love white bedding, since it always seems fresh and clean and soothing.

  22. Great choice and an awesome deal!

  23. Thanks so much for your advice on my bathroom... i love the links you sent me and it really opened up an option I had not thought about! You're the best!

  24. I absolutely love everything you've chosen. Looks great. Thanks for the tip on the Parsons Desk.

  25. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    Im still a bit torn on the bedding - I like the look of something simple but think this room might need some pattern to break it up. Decisions decisions.

    K: The color in the cameraphone photo is off...its more the camel color in the bedroom photo.

  26. Sigh. I have serious bedroom envy. Those windows are GORGEOUS!

  27. Your new bed inspired my recent moodboard.

    That is just beautiful!

  28. that headboard is great. Looks fantastic for reading in bed, very cozy.

    Side tables are tough. I have something I found at a thrift store and then finished and painted and added new (old) cabinet hardware.

  29. I just love what you are doing with your home! The head board was a great find! Good for you!

  30. Hi :-)
    I just loved your headboard,and i wonder how you get it? Is it a shop who could send it to Norway,you think?
    (Sorry my bad english...)

  31. Hi Hannemor - Thanks for stopping by. As I mentioned above, I got the headboard via the classified - it was a showroom clearing out a display so they didn't ship at all, no less to Norway. You could try contacting the manufacter (Norwalk Furniture) but I wouldn't know where they sell.

  32. I can't stand it. I love your house and this is my dream headboard, seriously!

  33. What a beautiful headboard!!!

  34. I just found your blog on Apartment Therapy and all I can say is "amazing"! I am in awe of your paper products (right term? invitations? etc?). Thank you for sharing where you found your headboard. It took two days of reading your blog to finally find the post. It is possibly the most gorgeous upholstered headboard I have ever seen! Thank you for helping pass the time for me here in Germany!

  35. WoW what a truly cool head board looks kinda like a couch pull out bed I love bedding that would look great in my house


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