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Thanks for all the input on the accessory front. I must say Im totally shocked that so many suggested putting in a tree. Perhaps I have a mental block but I have a hard time imaging a potted tree inside without conjuring up images of old ladies with afgans and the scent of ben-gay. Do many of you have live trees in your homes?

While I always admire the use of shells or coral in other homes, it definitely feels wrong for this room desepite what the lovely Nate Berkus may say. But I hear you on adding something a little bit organic in here - maybe some kind of hunk of quartz to bring in a little sparkle?

I just may need to make a trip to one of my favorite haunts, Home Goods to see what kind of fun goodies I can bring home with me. I don't want to be over contrived but I wouldn't mind putting in a few pieces even if they are just temporary until I can find pieces I love over time. It just needs a little punch.
I'll keep my eye out for the 'perfect' pieces but here is what I'm seeing online that catches my fancy.

HorchowBirdcageszgallerieVintageBookBoxesPotteryBarnPocketwatchClockPottery Barn Glass Sphere CandleholdersPottery Barn Voluminous Camilla Canisters

Im smitten with this idea of turning old clocks into beautiful photo frames.

How ingenius is this? Thanks Joy!

To answer some questions that came up in the comments: The console and coffee table are only temporary as they made the pilgramage with me from my last house. They aren't the right style so I'll be banishing them to the basement at some point. In the meantime, Im keeping them here for function over form. That said, I don't see why I couldn't put the console table to use behind the sofa if it works. It wouldn't be seen very often anyway. Ill drag it over there and see how I like the look.As for the lighting, I already have recessed lights in the ceiling, a large chandelier and two shaded sconces on the wall. That seems like plenty of light. But more importantly, I cant run the plugs for lamps across the room. So with that in mind, nothing that plugs in can go on furniture that "floats" away from the walls.

Anywho - thanks again for all the suggestions and please keep them coming.


  1. BTW- I think the new rug you chose works great. I've been to busy to mention it. Just discovered Home Goods. Love it! I'm still lusting after a rug I saw there recently. Wish I could skip to where you are in the new home process- the fun part. LOL

  2. I love the birdhouse idea. I tried to get my bf to play along with my ingenious idea of grouping a collection of them on the ledges running around the main floor, as we have the loft upstairs. But he didn't seem to get it.. why would we have empty birdcages?? I thin they are so sculptural and add a really nice touch! Also, we use the apothocary jars for everything at our place!!

  3. I once had a palm-like (real) tree in a house. I actually bought it as a medium-sized plant and it just kept growing and growing. I loved it! I added and up-light behind it (it was in a corner) and looked pretty cool.

  4. I am with you about the plant life, dirt and plants belong outside or in 1978, I never have liked the look , I actually hate it .
    Your Home Goods is like Home Sense here same parent company , I wish we had one closer than it is , good luck finding things that speak to your style. That is my favorite place to shop.
    Can't wait to see what you come home with .

  5. I love your idea of accesorizing with some antique books. Sometimes you can often find ones in a foreign language that are pretty but at a better price than the old books in English.

  6. just an FYI, but Ballard Designs has those same birdcages. i don't know how much the Horchow ones are, but i bet they are pricier than the BD ones.

    here's the link, just in case...good luck!

  7. I do have a plant in the shore house bay window; no ben-gay nor afghans. ;-) But full disclosure: Attempt at keeping plant alive failed, and we decided to do what I never, eeevvvveeerrr thought I would do: Go faux. But not plasticy faux...One that looks OK and withstands extended watering absences. I know it sounds like crap. But so far I'm OK with it. You get a LOT of sun, so could make the real deal work. And by all means go to Home Goods. It's my new home away from home (I like the pic of the candlesticks).

  8. I think these things would be PERFECT for your home. I love the whimsy of the clock/frames and the birdhouses on the wall. I like it when people are able to keep big rosemary topiaries in thier homes... they look like smallish trees.

  9. I don't know...a palm or draceana or even a succulent can make a great, updated architectural statement. I think it adds life to a room, and would look perfect in your beauty. I'm just sayin'.

    ps...added you to my "blogs I love"...ok??

  10. No way, Nate Berkus is God! =) Kidding.

    I totally agree w/ your ideas since they're more in step w/ the architecture and history of your home. I esp. LOVE decorating w/ nice books.

  11. WOW all the objections to a plant or two....Aren't we all supposed to be going green? And to think plants take CO2 out of the air and give us much needed O2 indoors!
    As for plants in the home looking old lady and afghan..that only happens when you have alot of small fussy plants.
    I too hate the look of the I cover the dirt with black river rocks, available at Crate and Barrel or Homeplace!
    Large plants with clean lines look very modern, and contemporary.
    Pottery Barn did whole catalog this past spring featuring displays with plants and leaves.
    If you don't have a green thumb, like me, twigs/branches or bamboo (green or brown) can also add that organic element and can go modern, traditional, country or asian.
    Nothing gives a room a freshness more than a live organic element: a BIG wonderful plant, branches, a bowl of fruit or a wonderful bouquet of flowers.
    Please consider a living element.

  12. Im not against an organic element...I love branches used in decor. I just find trees to be best left for outside. The idea of dusting a plant just seems wrong!

  13. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Oh no! Amother blog I have fallen in love with! (My fav's list is a mile long - one more can't hurt right?) :)

    Thanks for your sweet mention....going back to peruse some more...



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