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Looky whats here - the gold damask rug that I was oh so undecided on when I ordered it.
Living Room with Rug
I was concerned the color would clash but I don't think I have a problem there. Its a little too monotone as many of you suggested but I think I would prefer that than it being in the wrong color family. Its the perfect width for the room but I wish it were a bit longer so I could have some extra room at the back of the couch and chairs. Oh well, they don't make 8x14 foot rugs and I'm not about to shell out for a custom made one.
Living Room with Rug
As I mentioned, the console and coffee tables in here are all wrong. Way too heavy and dark for what I want. Of course I can't find a metal + glass coffee table that I'm liking right now so it will have to wait until the perfect piece comes along.

In the meantime, I definitely need accessories. Here is where I always have a problem. I hate clutter so I'm loathe to add knickknacks without function but I definitely need something of interest in here. Pillows? A low centerpiece for the coffee table? Maybe something on the console table? Should I put anything behind the couch? I'm a bit lost here - suggestions?


  1. Yay! It only took 1245 days, but you're finally starting to receive your purchases. :)

    I wasn't sure about the rug in the first picture but the second looks so good.

    As far as accessories are concerned, I think stay away from anything on the coffee table if you actually use the room to live in. We tried that for awhile and just kept moving it out of the way. What about a plant or something to bring some life to the room?

  2. Your home is coming together very nicely!
    The rug is a bit monotone but accessories will add that pop.
    Are your walls a pale green blue or taupe beige?
    1 or 2 large plants in huge grey/black or brass pots would give life to the room.
    Somehow the stripe pillows are not working right now. Monochromatic pillows in the wall color, the rug color, and the sofa color would be a good start. If that is not enough, pick a pop color like the pale blue or green.
    On the coffee table a simple clear glass/crystal bowl filled with shells or green apples (great to much on while watching TV)
    On the console below the TV perhaps a lamp and a few framed photos.
    Or my favorite trick, three candlesticks of different sizes with candles.

  3. Hmm. I would say pillows and/or a throw with some nice bright color, and maybe a vase of flowers on that console table until you decide what else to do with it. I also agree with not cluttering the coffee table and adding life with a plant or two - that big window area could use something big and leafy!

  4. I have a question. Is the console table too high to put behind the sofa? That might provide more width to the room and hide the shortage on the rug, no? I love the rug. It is elegant and understated but that keeps it from shrinking the room.
    Lisa & Alfie

  5. The carpet is perfect, it is coming together, but rooms take time, I think you might enjoy some color the blues you have throughout the house would make a great color for accessories, a nice box to store your converters in would look great on the console with something like a shapely beautiful colored bowl, a lantern and nicely stacked decor magazines can look good and are useful, white items would also be a good choice for your room to add some freshness.Have fun with accessories they add the presonality, I totally understand not wanted little bitty things all over , a couple of well placed items goes along way .
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks so great! Worth the wait for sure. I actually like the rug a lot -- the colors are more muted than I expected them to be, but that's what I like about it.

    I’m with you – a few, well placed items will finish off and personalize the space without being too…too. You have such a great window with awesome light so it would be cool to do something on that side of the room. I agree on a plant… maybe in a vintage garden urn - the design would play off your fabulous ceiling medallion. Some photos and crisp, simple pottery pieces would look nice on the TV console.

  7. I think it's all coming together quite well. You have such great taste. I would say a few books, a pillow or two, and a tall plant of some kind.

  8. I too dislike clutter. I would suggest accessorizing with more organic elements such as
    a vase with large leaves, a tray with rocks, or shells...just a suggestion.
    I love visiting your blog and seeing the beautiful changes you are making in your home!

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  10. Your house is so beautiful, I want to cry. (I write that with no exaggeration whatsoever.) I hope that you & your DH are truly awed by the results of your hard work.

  11. How about the console table behind the sofa with candlesticks and a lovely large scale bowl? A very large urn in the windows would look nice also. I totally agree that I do not want clutter for clutter sake but I think you have the room and you want to make your line of sight go all the way to the end of the room.
    I also don't think you need any advice from anyone, you are doing a great job and your instincts are right on.
    Keep up the good work and the posts.

  12. Wow, the room looks absolutely amazing.

    I know that you have probably already looked at this option, but what about the Pia or Clairemont collection at Crate and Barrel?

  13. Looks great!

    A flower centerpiece would be lovely as well as a couple of throw pillows!

  14. Crap, my long post got eaten.

    I was saying in summary:
    - I agree, less is more with accessories
    - I am loving glass right now - light and airy
    - Consider a large glass lantern or bell jar (open at top) and place a large pillar candle inside
    - a glass object on the table, something large, say from Target
    - I would stick with clear glass or monotone accesories and have something on the coffee table and a couple things on the side table that relate.
    - I really love pillar candles, rather "done" but cheap and nice in groups.
    - Glass is most elegant in a classy house like yours, or an airy pottery piece or two...

  15. I have no comment about the rug, but just wanted to rave about your home. I really admire the attention to details. Where did you come up with the ideas? For example in the frame pic, I noticed that you have used molding at the line of door height and have a different color above. Is it because your home has high ceilings? Do you have another level of molding by the cieling?

  16. Love your house and all that you have done. I have always wanted a table behind my sofa with two lamps on it. How about moving the console behind the sofa and adding two stylish lamps on it. That would definitely add some zest to your room and help with what kind of accessories to pull in.

  17. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I don't know why I never tried the console table behind the sofa as it makes a lot more sense there. I'll move it over and see how I like it.

    I think I may need to take a trip to Home Goods this weekend and see what I find. Accessories, here I come.

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  19. I know neither of the coffee tables in our moodboards below are the exact glass & metal versions that you're coveting, but they both have sleek, elegant lines that I can totally picture in your space.



    And they're both surprisingly affordable so I just thought I'd pass 'em along.


    Sherry (& John)

  20. Your home is beautiful!!! I love that window!

  21. I'm thinking a console table behind the sofa would look nice, and you certainly have the space for it!! Pillows would definetly add a pop of color!! And I usually have something like a low, rectangular "bowl/tray" on the table, just as an accent.
    Lastly, you need some sort of living item in there - a plant or a nice flower arrangement! It's coming along beautifully!!

  22. I don't understand the console table suggestions...I thought it was going away. I like the plant suggestion, and a candle or two would be good. Do you not want any other lighting in there beside the chandelier?

  23. Gorgeous!! The rug is a bit subdued but it allows the furniture and the chandelier to take center stage, IMO.

    I agree about adding some sort of living accent....a potted orchid on the coffee table? Some sort of flowering plant or just flowers?

    And a couple of pillows on the chairs would look fab.

  24. it looks so good. holy smokes your home is gorgeous!

  25. Im always very cautious about keeping a room from looking too "forced." If you add a few personal touches like some coffee table books, candles and pretty frames, I think that it will make a huge difference at a fairly reasonable price!
    ps LOVE your blog! Your taste is simply amazing!!

  26. I love your new rug. I don't think you want anything flashier because those floors are the real star. The inlaid wood is absolutely stunning.

    Everything is coming together so beautifully. You must be quite pleased. Bravo!

  27. this room looks so good! i love the colors and i know when u finally decide what to put where - it'll be fantastic.

    IMHO - something sculptural behind the sofa might be nice - ie. a large plant or something from your travels - sculptural artifact type thingy.

  28. Love the new rug! Your living room is really coming together nicely :o)Your sofa and chairs are TDF!

  29. wooohooo, it's lookin' great!! I love the subtle pattern of the rug with your sofa.

    I completely agree with the previous ideas...a console behind the sofa (or even a skinny desk with a small scale chair?) could be nice to.

    I would add a few orchids in a single (larger scale) pot on your (future) coffee table. It looks like the (difused) light you get in that room would be perfect for orchids.

  30. Looks like Stamford Wife beat me to my own suggestions -- put a pretty chair and desk behind the sofa and an orchid.

    I agree about accessories though, they're hard to execute without appearing cluttered or worse, contrived! I say don't rush into it and just collect things that you love and/or use.

    Something would be nice on the coffee table though. Personally, I like to use a big tray so that you can move it out of the way easily. Maybe something light or reflective to break up some of the heavy brown ... like antique sterling silver. Something you'd get use out of after you find the coffee table of your dreams. Then add a little stack of books (only the top one has to be pretty!), a shapely vase or an interesting bowl.

    I've written too much! Clearly, you really don't need the help, and it's been fun watching it all come together!

  31. I have to say I have the same issue with accessories. I really like to keep things simple, but then I risk having a home that's too bare.

    It's all looking good! -Julia

  32. this room really is turning out to be lovely! keep it up lady!

  33. this is a little off-topic, but I was just thinking about your console table and that it's temporary- while you're waiting to find the perfect piece, I think this picture from a spread in House Beautiful might be a quick fix and would be consistent with the style of the room....

    i don't know if the link will take you to the exact pic, but it's slide 2 of the slideshow with an slipcovered console...

  34. I think you need to add in pieces that have more character. Maybe some vintage/antique pieces. Buying in everything new has such a sterile feel to it. I also think you need to add colour.

  35. You're right about the coffee table not being right - it needs to be more delicate and airy - metal and glass as you originally thought.

    Pillows - good idea.

    Other accessories - wow, hard to figure. plants - maybe a plant stand with a plant? orchids?

    Art - sculpture, pottery pieces or statues....?

    The funny thing is that the accessories that look best in my house are the ones that just sort of ended up there, they didn't arise from a calculated thought!

  36. While we were in Europe, one idea that may light up your room, large glass hurricanes, straight up filled with some sort of interesting light, adds a modern spark to the room. Books on a glass top coffee table and adding one color to the room. Paint the coffee table and console a silver/gold leaf and they would be stunning. I do love the monochromatic vibe - very soft. Live with the rug, I could see a bolder pattern, a la David Hicks.

  37. Anonymous12:08 PM

    This room is to die for!!


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