Party on baby!

Yesterday was party day and the weather was lovely, the sky blue and all was right with the world. If party topics is not your thing, please feel free to skip over this post entirely. I'll be back to home decor related topics shortly.

The "theme" (I really hate that word, I wish there was a more chic way to explain what I mean without conjuring up the cheesy themes concepts) was birds/feathers/nests. The colors were a pale turquoise blue and white. The decor of the restaurant was fairly dark so we added candles everywhere (and accented anything that sit still with some glitter to reflect the light). The baby's initials ("C" and "A") were carried through on the party elements from everything from the invitations to the dessert.

We used a feathered wreath on the front door and created a pair feathered lettered wreaths for interior display.
Wreath on Front doorSign in Table, C&A wreaths
Glittered birds, birdhouses and feathered nests were scattered all around.

Instead of seating cards, I made little flags on the posts of tiny birdhouses. The birdhouses were lined up in feathered grapevine nests.
Birdhouse Placecards in Feathered Nests
Birdhouse Placecards in Feathered Nests
Birdhouse Placecards in Feathered Nests

The photo centerpieces worked out well...simple and appropriate for the homey style of the restaurant and a treat for guests to see photos of the guest of honor at various stages/locations.

Glittered scrapbooking letters were used to explain the "stations".
A message for Chase

The glittered signs that were favors were set out in a feathered nest.
Glittered Sign Favors in Nest

Table runners using quilting fabric in shades of blue, seagreen and white were used to bring a bit more color to the tables. Menus were made that matched the invites.

And finally, I made tiny little cupcake flags to adorn the dessert.
Cupcake + Flag servedCupcakes

Since this wasn't "my" party (I did or helped with all of the projects you see above but I didn't pick out the location, do the seating plan, or the million other things involved in throwing a party) it was relatively low stress. I wasn't up all night the day before finishing up projects, I didn't have to stay til after the party was over to clean up and bring all my materials home, etc.. So I actually got to enjoy myself as a guest here - the food was great and the baby was super cute.

Ok, the party is behind me so now home decor blogging can continue. Maybe :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


  1. everything looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Hey, I'm always up for a party! I loved that cozy setting with the nice low lighting. What neat ides for this wonderful occasion.

  3. Wow, you are as crazy about parties as you are about renovations. For someone who didn't do much I am blown away with the amount you did. How do I get you to come plan my parties or decorate and renovate my house??? LOL

  4. wow! what an amazing party. everything looks great.

  5. this is so beautiful! it looks great and what an original theme/concept (sorry! know you hate that...)

  6. Oh thank you for sharing , this is clearly something you love , you are very talented at all that is party , what do you do ? this should be your job , however I am sure you are equally great at what ever it is you do , no half assed for you .
    I love the name chase it was at the top of my list if my first girl had been a boy.

  7. Oh YEAH! I'm loving the bright blue frosting and cupcake flags.

    Also, Theme = Design Concept? Better? :-)

  8. Thanks everyone - you are all too sweet.

    While I'd absolutely love to work for a Martha Stewart type outfit (where I could come up with the ideas and write out tutorials, etc..), I have no interest in doing anything like this for paying customers. Party planning is fun when its for me or a friend, but seems like a terror to do it for some demanding, ungrateful, tasteless customer :)

  9. You are a party planning rock star! How did you come up with such a creative theme? Smiles, Paula

  10. How chic!

    What a pretty party!

  11. oh. my. gosh.

    love the color and the "theme!" really really beautifully put together - love the glittery birdhouses and the letters!

  12. So cute! You did a great job.

  13. this such a classy baby shower!
    if i had naother baby that's the shower i would want. :)
    i love all those feathers.

    and i like the suitcases.
    you can surely use them other places in your home if it doesn't work in that particular spot.
    it will work somewhere!
    don't be so hard on yourself.

  14. Gorgeous as always! Did you bake the cupcakes too?

  15. What a beautiful party! Love all the personal touches. I'm doing a bluebird shower post tomorrow, and I'm totally adding your pix to it.

  16. This is gorgeous! What lovely little details!

  17. Just beautiful! I love the elegant touches that the feathers and candles give to the decor.There is such a warm, personal touch to the room. Love it!

  18. I love the photo centerpieces you did. The diffused glow is so pretty. Can you explain (briefly) how you made them?

  19. Hi, just curious...was this a baby's 1st birthday? Or what sort of party was it? I think I clicked to this post from one about the baby shower for the same friend, so I didn't expect it was a 2nd shower.

    Thanks for your beautiful inspirations!

  20. I would love to know how you made the centerpieces and where you purchased your material if possible please? Thanks!

  21. I love the centerpieces! I wanted to know if you can provide the steps to make them and the material purchased/where?

    1. Details here:


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