Early birthday surprise...

I am a very lucky girl because it wasn't even my birthday yet, when I received this early gift:

My very own Kartell Louis Ghost Chair!!

I was so surprised by the gift because I don't recall ever mentioning I wanted one. And I certainly didn't expect it. It was perfect gift and I'm very excited to place it in its new home, my office. Since it takes up no visual space, its great for a small space.

It surprised my husband and brother that I would like something so very modern. It surprised me too since its very far from my personal style. That said, this is a great marriage of modern and traditional styling with a pinch of practicality and fun thrown in. I know Im quite late to the ghost chair phenom but its almost iconic so I think its okay to be late to this party.

Sorry to report, my office has made zero progress since the last time I've shown it. Its still just a small room with a desk and a bunch of unpacked boxes. I guess my motivation level has been low lately. Maybe this will be just the jolt I need to get going?


  1. That is such a great chair , heck I could use one of those.
    Don't worry you are just experiencing decorating burn out , it happens to the best of us , and the money flow has to stop at some point .

  2. definitely iconic! how fun!

  3. Awesome gift! Congratulations!

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  5. FABULOUS! And happy birthday!!!

  6. It is quiye modern, byt reports are saying it will be a classic heirloom!

  7. Oh, how utterly exciting! Is it comfortable??? Congrats on having people in your life cool (and wealthy) enough to buy you a Ghost chair....


    Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh, yay! It will be perfect in your office. I'm asking the same question as Terri...is it comfie??

    And happy (early) birthday.

  9. lucky you! i've loved that chair for at least 3 years!

  10. I havent sat it in long enough to give a report on comfort but I plan on giving a proper review once I have. But from what I can tell, its reasonably comfortable considering its a chair made of hard plastic. I wouldn't suggest replacing your lazyboy but for an office chair, Im hoping it does the trick.

  11. Oh, indeed!! That is definitely the jolt you needed!! A ghost chair (or four) is on my dream list. I owuld love them for my dining area, with something beefier for the head of the table.

    Lucky girl, you...
    Happy Birthday!!

  12. I love love love that chair. What a great gift. Enjoy it. I think my husband needs to talk to your husband so that I can get one for myself. When I was in florence I went into a cafe and it was filled with ghost chairs at every table. It was like heaven!


  13. I got so excited about the chair that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday.


    Have the happiest of birthdays!

  14. Totally random question, but I thought I read somewhere that your business is Sonic Stef. True or False?

    If it is true I loved all of your work during my wedding planning days. I use to be on www.liweddings.com. I never really posted, but read alot for inspiration on things and I remember how beautiful all your monograms and invitations were.

    Small world.

  15. Wow...the chair is beautiful. When's your birthday? Are you a fellow Libra woman? I am on the 9th, tomorrow.

    My @ thahotness

  16. perfect - for halloween is just around the corner.
    I love the ghost chair too. Happy Boo-day!

  17. Happy Birthday and enjoy your beautiful chair. I too enjoy mixing modern with traditional furnishings.

  18. happy birthday. what a fantastic present!


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