Patterns playing nicely together.

A late update on this but I did buy those damask ottomans I mentioned in August. They were a steal at $50 each and now I hear they have been reduced to $35 so for anyone considering them, now is the time.

Sorry I don't have a wider photo of the room but I had random Halloween decorations scattered about and the place was a mess! I hope you agree, they are pretty. A nice pick me up for a very monochrome room. And functional too - they'll come in handy when I have some friends over for lunch next week.


They also play nicely with the much more subtle but similar pattern in the rug, don't you think.

But Im still stuck on the throw pillows. I want something that works with the ottomans - tan and black. You'd think that would be an easy color combination but white/black and cream/black are a lot easier to find. I've tried throw pillows in those color combo but they seem too bright in a room with all muted shades so I need something a little more subtle. Any suggestions? I could really use some help here. My couch is desperate for throw pillows!


  1. Hmmmm. I have some lumbar pillows that are black velvet on linen (tan and black) They are kind of a scroll design...they might be too much with your ottoman. They were from walmart of all places (and down filled to boot!)There is a pic of them somewhere on my blog.

  2. They look so gorgeous in your place! Just beautiful.
    I rested one of my pale gold silk pillows on my set of these ottomans and it looked so good! The gold played off of the tan in the damask beautifully.

  3. Gosh, those are lovely. I am insanely jealous of them and the fact that they qualify as additional seating is marvellous. I can't remember what your sofa looks like but a simple tan pillow with black piping might be pretty. I am really into black stripes right now, like a pin stripe. But where do you find a tan pillow with black pinstripes at one end (not all over). I really need to learn how to sew....

    Something that might be quite cute is to have a little flat pillow on top of each ottoman and have pillows on the sofa the same colour to unite everything.

    Or do sofa pillows in an accent colour and then pick it up around the room with a few little pottery pieces. I saw two very cool little goldish-orange pots today and think that rusty/gold/orange pillows would be very smart and autumnal. I think I'm in a Halloween mood....

    xo Terri

  4. I did a search for "black tan pillow" on etsy and found this.

  5. I love those ottomans. I actually spotted them last week at Target and was tempted to get them, but I don't have anywhere for them to go. They look beautiful in your home. On to the pillow quest. Don't laugh, but I tend to find a bunch of home items at JCPENNY. I've ordered many things from them. I was searching online and they seemed to have alot of options. Remember to look at pillows that match bedding sets. They can go on your couch as well. These looked a bit inspired by your ottomans. There are lots of choices on their site. I know there is not when near you, but If you can't get it online I can always run to the one on L.I. and then get it to you. I also have luch at Pier 1 Imports, Century 21 and WS Home.

    P.S. I'm also obsessed with the Twilight series. I just finished Twilight and I'm itching to go on my lunch break so that I can pick up New Moon. Why won't Edward just bite her! I want them to be together forever.

  6. ohhh... love them!
    are the black & white or black & beige?

  7. nevermind... i just checked :D

  8. The ottomans are really lovely and do go nicely with the rug...I have never been a big fan of oversized prints, but these "work" in your space...

  9. Mrs. Limestone, Simply put, you rock my world. My husband and I just bought a beautiful one bedroom in an art deco building (right before this crash, dear lord) in Windsor Terrace and you have been such an inspiration as I seek to improve my landscape without self-destructing. It seems that everytime I go to gardenweb or brownstoner to research mosaic marble tiles or to figure out what kind of toilet I can stand to sit on (pun intended) or look at, I find you are there to weigh in. I can't imagine how many domestic spaces in the world are better looking and more functional because of your generosity and utterly discerning design palate/palette. Thank you so much! I really appreciated your travel log, btw...

  10. Thanks Dina - welcome to the area. Its a wonderful place to live in any economic weather :)

    You're way too nice - I just happen to have a big mouth :)

    Do you have a blog?

  11. that's a pretty funny notion, my having a blog... unless it were cautionary, i don't think it would work well. my latest fiasco was whimsically buying a viking range at a thrift store for $800, of course neglecting to measure its depth. choose your own adventure when imagining the tragic conclusion of this story.

    you are always so self-effacing, which just adds to your charm. use your big mouth and market yourself as a show host or something. you really need to hang out a shingle! print up all the adoring comments from your entries on the forums and send them to an editor with a book proposal. even Mrs. Limestone is a brilliant alias...

  12. I passed up 10 yards of fabric a couple weeks ago that looks similar-it was only $4.00 at the thrift store. I could kick myself now.

  13. I really like your ottoman's and wish I had someplace to put them for myself.

  14. I LOVE your blog. So sassy and creative. I love the black and cream-very chic.


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