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After the unfortunate incident with nasty Craigslist woman, we went on the road to NJ in search of those infamous juntiques. We were going to be spending the weekend at the Jersey Shore anyway, so it seemed like a good time to sniff out what might be laying around.


Our first stop was a completely random find. When I was putting together the photo mosaic in the juntique post, I stumbled upon a photo of Englishtown Antiques & Used Furniture. Wiley mishmash of all types of crap? Check. Large warehouse like building? Check. Bad lighting? Check. Hmmm...looked promising. We were going to be at the Jersey Shore this weekend so a perfect opportunity to take a detour.


How did it go? Lets just say I found my new favorite store. Its exactly the type of place I had hoped to find. The sort of spot you can spend a lot of time in sorting through all sorts of this and that. And if you're lucky, you'll find just the thing you're after. And that thing won't cost a mint, so it makes it worth the time to find it and the time to restore it into something useful.

Its cold in there, so I brought my coat. And very disorganized, so I brough my patience. I'm completely sure its the type of place that's hit or miss depending upon the day you. Luckily for me, I got a hit this time.

It was one of the few times I wished we had a big pick up truck because I was definitely limited in what I could buy due to the size of our backseat. Case in point, this hutch would be amazing with some TLC, contrasting interior and lacquer paint. Alas, no room at the inn.


I did find two smaller pieces that barely fit in our backseat. The first was this nightstand that looks a little granny now but I just love the shape of it. I probably overpaid at $65 but in the scheme of things, it wasn't bad at all.

pictured in my living room as I was having too much fun to get a decent photo in situ

And of course, I love the hardware as I'm a sucker for ornate brass handles.
Now I just need to decide what color to paint it. Help! I'd love suggestions. Anyone?

I wasn't really looking for a round table but this one caught my eye from its upside down perch on top of a stack of dressers. The top of it needs some refinishing but the base is in beautiful condition. Any suggestions on what I can do to bring it back to its former glory?

Don't you love the little turned in legs? The price tag of $30 was so reasonable, I didn't even consider haggling. (Much to the shock of Mr. Limestone as he knows I drive a tough bargain)
I found this little nightstand that I know I could make great use of but we couldn't fit in the car after purchasing the other two items. Still bummed about that!
As if a cherry on top, I spotted a hobnail milk glass vase on the way out. The price tag had me grinning at just $2!! So that ended my fun afternoon in Englishtown. I can't wait to go back! Then we were off to Red Bank...


  1. You got some really beautiful pieces at bargain prices! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. So happy that you found a place that suits your needs. At least you won't be disappointed by those Craig list and EBay people anymore.

    Fantastic buy on the round table.

  3. I must've missed something and I looked back kinda quick and didn't see it...what happened with the nasty Craigslist woman?

    I never find anything good on Craigslist. Ours sucks.

  4. Excellent finds! Now, this is more like it. I particularly love the pedestal table. I'm dying here because we had a entire bedroom set that looked IDENTICAL to the nightstand that you didn't buy. It's in my sister-in-laws house now. Can't wait to see what you do with these items!

  5. Great finds. Too bad you didn't have a truck to snag that hutch. Loved the bamboo detailing!!

  6. That hutch is amazing!!! Good call on that round table, I love its legs.

  7. Holy cow, I bought an almost identical version of your granny nightstand (albeit smaller) at a thrift store this weekend and thought of you (and the amazing vision you would have for it). Hubby and I have sanded and primed it, but are now at a loss on what color to paint it. I can't wait to see what you do to yours for inspiration. Do share your thoughts on this piece as I will be looking :-)

  8. I think the nightstand would look lovely in a rich creme with gold and black accents. Or a robin's egg blue with gold and black accents.

  9. Wow I love that round table, will it go in your bedroom ??? you can just paint the top black and call it a day , or start sanding I suppose , it is a beautiful shape the whole thing would look great black .
    I would love to see the other table in a bold color to update it , that yellow you have been loving , or maybe RED glossy of course. HMMM can't wait to see what you do.

  10. Now THAT looks like my kinda place too! Wow, those are some neat things you found. That round little table with the Empire base is SO pretty, I would have snatched that up too. It is going to look fab all painted. And I vote to paint the Frenchie piece a distressed aqua blue. I think that would be SO pretty. You found a gem of a place to shop.

    I'm hoping it's just that my pics weren't loading for you, I can see them just fine. Sometimes they seem to load faster than others, so maybe that is what it is today.

  11. great pieces! can i ask how much was that bamboo hutch going for?

    your round table is gorgeous - perhaps just refinishing the current wood tone and adding a piece of marble to the top? that would look really pretty & classic...

  12. kay - If I recall, the hutch was marked at $150.

  13. Melanie - How funny! My version isn't very big so we might have the exact same one. (They used to be a pair but the lady manning the shop said the first one was sold). Maybe you have the other one? Hehe

  14. Oh my God! I used to go to that place with my mom all the time when I was a little girl, if it's the same one I'm thinking of in NJ. I have such good memories of prowling around in huge, dark warehouse-like junk shops with her.

  15. Anonymous3:03 PM

    What fun finds!
    I would paint the piece in question something bright...give a room a pop of color. Just a thought.
    You've done a gorgeous job on your home.

  16. Great stuff girl. I need to find one in Dallas.

  17. I can't wait to see how you paint the nightstand. I have a 3 drawer chest made just like them, that I would like to redo for my entrance hall.


  18. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Nice work! Those pieces are beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    That place looks awesome... I might have to check it out next time I'm "down the shore" visiting the in-laws.

  19. Gorgeous hutch and great finds! I could spend hours in there!

  20. Mrs. Limestone -- I actually have a pair of the nightstands and they are slightly different. Mine only has one drawer, and the shelf bit is under the drawer. Otherwise, the shape and the hardware is remarkably similar. I knew I liked your taste (hee, hee)!

  21. Great minds think alike. Wish I could have snatched a pair like you did. :)

  22. You lucky girl, you! I love those little tables and can really see the bedside table in a "greige" tone. Very classy!

    Wish we had a place like that around here...

    Happy shopping!

  23. Oooh! Looks like a fun place and you got some deals girl! I am excited to see what you do with them! : )

  24. My aunt and mother in law have bedroom sets that match the granny nightstand. My aunt wants to give me her set, I was thinking of painting the dresser black to use it in my pinkalicious craft studio? Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  25. You have found Nirvana! I adore the round table, that was a deal!

  26. You did great. I'm ready to hop in my car right now!

  27. OMG...I knew not of this Englishtown gem and I think there's a road trip in my future. Thanks for the hot NJ junktique tip. :-) That round table ROCKS. What a deal.

  28. OMG! That place looks amazing...and the prices seem a good way! I think a road trip is in order very soon! Thanks for sharing! And you picked out some great finds too! Your nightstands look like they're coming along nicely. Can't wait to see them finished!

  29. That little round rocks! I missed this post the first time.


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