Favorite Nook: Centsational Girl

Today's favorite nook comes from the oh so fabulous Censational Girl. On the very off chance you don't know her already, Kate's blog is bursting at the seams with wonderful and practical diy projects anyone can use in their home this very minute. So in other words - she is another one of my favorite bloggers. Lets take a look into her home...


My favorite nook in my office - its where I catch up on coffee, magazines and emails every morning !

This is a Drexel Heritage sofa I (shockingly) found at a thrift store and put in my home office - I pulled the dowdy skirt off of it and had it professionally cleaned. My hub visits every morning before he leaves for work - he plops down in the cane back chair - another thrift store revamp.


I love the cream crewel like fabric and the traditional curvy shape of it. I catch up on my magazines and emails here every morning while I drink my Peet's coffee with plenty of cream


I modernized by adding my favorite faux fur pillows and a spa blue chenille throw from Tarjay. The mirrored tray is also from Tar-jay, love it! It adds such elegance. Silver pitcher I picked up at a flea market. I love fresh flowers in my office! If you could change one thing, it would be having to get up from this sofa and tend to my family obligations !

Thanks so much for including me in this very fun post !


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and inviting. I'd have a hard time getting up to do anything myself! Janell

  2. I loved this office when I first saw it on her blog. Such a soothing space.

  3. Kate's is one of my favorite blogs to read for the obvious. This is one woman who can make anything, regardless of price, look fabulous.

  4. Wow-love the room! Its calming and fun at the same time.

  5. I absolutely adore Kate. She has endless decorating energy (I don't think she ever sleeps) and her effortless style and innovative ideas astound me every.single.time. For reals.

    Oh how I wish I can call her exquisite office mine--talk about an inspiring space!!

  6. This is such a calming retreat. I can imagine myself with my heavy-creamed coffee as well, flipping through glossies, or catching up with my laptop.

    And the Target mirrored tray is oh-so-chic. Beautiful!

  7. Her house is so pretty! I love the calming color scheme.

    I'm having a giveaway today for pretty, modern pillowcases. Stop by to enter!

  8. Thanks so much Ms. Limestone ! You're simply the best, my dear !
    ♥ Ms. Kate

  9. I can't believe that you found a Drexel sofa at a thrift store. Lucky you:)

  10. looks very "salon like!" I like~

  11. What a beautiful nook! Thanks for having all these guest bloggers. It is great getting more exposure to other stylish/crafty blogs.

  12. I love love love this colour scheme; it's my favorite! Wondering where that rug is from?? I heart it immensely!


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