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The final nook of the week comes from Valorie Hart, photo stylist and author of Visual Vamp. As you would expect from a design pro, her blog is a great source of inspiration - she does all the hard work of finding the good stuff for us all. So thanks Valorie. She has a different spin on the favorite nook question and shared a lot of her her home and personality. Lets hear all about it...


Of course the word "nook" releases a flood gate of ideas and images. What girl doesn't love a little nook and cranny?

I live in New Orleans in a very old house, and as old houses go, there are always nooks to decorate and inhabit. I've been in this house for over five years, always playing and styling, so I've collected a few images of my ever changing space, featuring some of my favorite nooks.

My closet is very special. In old houses none of the bedrooms actually have closets. This was an extra room adjoining the bedroom, so my dear sweet husband turned it into a dressing room and walk in closet for us. We don't have a huge budget, so it's basic wire shelving, and some vintage furniture. This nook is where my vanity is, and the section of the closet that houses our costumes for Carnival season and Mardi Gras. The pooch is our dog Cholo.

The bedroom is a place I often hang out in. I plug in the lap top and prop myself up in bed, and turn it into the Vamp command center, a nook where I get alot of work done.

The living room is ever changing. But one thing is contstant: There's always a comfy corner for reading or watching TV. We don't have a family room, so we really "live" in the living room,

The kitchen has a cozy nook in front of the only fireplace remaining in the house.

Here's an earlier version of the living room, with the formula for a good nook: a pretty chair, lots of books, and fresh flowers.

This chaise lounge in the living room is the nook of all nooks! One of Cholo's friends named Candy Lounge was visiting and quite agrees on its excellent nookiness.

We have a traditional New Orleans front porch at our shotgun house, and there are nooks here too, perfect for enjoying a cool drink, and a chat with neighbors and friends.

The other side of the kitchen has a nice nook at the island, a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

My office has a wing chair pulled up to the desk.

Another more recent view of the living room: Pillows and throws are essentials for a cozy nook.

This is a sneak peek at my latest revamp - I changed my office into a dining room (and will post on it when it's finished). I can already guarantee some good nook here!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the nooks at chez Visual Vamp!

Thanks for asking me over to your nook Mrs. Limestone!



  1. I love the New Orleans front porch of the "shotgun" house. I would love sitting there in the evening!

  2. Now this is a house full of charming nooks, beautiful. Enjoy! Janell

  3. Great 'nooks' - have a very happy Easter, xv.

  4. Have so enjoyed seeing all the "nooks" this week. A wonderful line up of very talented ladies.

  5. So many wonderful nooks in one house! I love the way Valorie decorates.

  6. man i LOVE that vamp! gorgeous spaces. i am blown away!
    great post.

  7. So much eye candy to be had! If this were my home, I'd have trouble ever leaving it!

  8. PhillyLass8:32 PM

    Wow! Lovely spaces-- and I'm especially in love with your wardrobe room. Fabulous!

  9. Helen Gunn9:38 PM

    Wow,you have really done a great job. Turning the other bedroom in to a dressing room is a wonderful idea. I love your new dining room. well done. Helen

  10. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks so much for looking in at my nooks!
    And thank you Mrs. Limestone for being such a wonderful, gracious, and fun hostess with the mostess!
    xo xo

  11. This is a really terrific series. I love that Vamp showed us so many of her creative spaces. A total treat! Marija

  12. Well....Valorie is one of my favorite Gals all around. She in such an interesting woman and has accomplished much in her life, she is quite humble and calls herself a 'shop girl'. She is one of the most creative peeps I know.

    Thanks Mrs. B for hosting a fun party!


  13. What a beautiful home! Love everything about it.

  14. Her house has it all: charm, smarts and colour!

  15. Nooktastic!

    Lovin' these nooks! Lovin every nook you have featured. Nookalicious. Okay. I'll stop.

  16. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Nooks are what a home is all about! Nooks are emotional!!

  17. LOVE these nooks!! valorie you give good nook.

  18. Love your closet - looks like the perfect spot to play dress up :)

  19. now that you have covered nooks...
    you should be on to crannies...
    you are fun and talented. marla

  20. Quintessentially NOLA! I am so in love.

  21. Nook Love!!! Great Post!!

  22. I loved getting to see more of Valorie's pad in New Orleans. I love her style and could move right in! I really enjoyed this post! Inspired me to create more nooks in my home!


  23. I just found you and I'm thrilled! I love all your nooks, can't wait to follow you!


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