Room Redo Recap Cont'd Upstairs

Finishing up the recap of before + afters, here is how far we've come on the top floor.

The guest bedroom:
Guest Bedroom BeforeGuestRoom4
Long story short: Didn't want to spend a lot in here so we reused mostly things we had. Scored that comforter for $15 from Walmart. Repainted and recovered (using fabric I designed) an old chair, repainted and silver leafed the nightstand. And yes, the people in that black and white photo are strangers.

Hallway Bath:
2nd floor Hall Bath
Long story short: Tiny but practical. Moved the clawfoot downstairs and used the vintage tiles to do our kitchen backsplash. Refinished the original wall hung sink. Gutted and redone with new tiles with a nod to the period.

My office:
2nd Floor Kitchen/Office BeforeOfficeInProgressNov30
Long story short: What was once the crappiest kitchen of all time is my workspace. A fun color, a whimsical rug and painted birds on the window to block an ugly view.

The master bath:
Master Bath/Closets BeforeMasterBath4
Long story short: A windowless room turned into a master bath (and two walk in closets!) off our bedroom. The first time we've had a private bath and loving it.

Our bedroom
Master Bedroom BeforeBedroom1
Long story short: Gray, blue and yellow all over. WWII kiss collages, a personal painting and black and white photos from our trips, a textured rug, a vintage chair, a comfy bed.

The little room
Little Bedroom BeforeBoxRoomwithFauxBois
Long story short: A tiny room with no purpose outfitted with some repurposed items along with some favorite touches. A door found in the garbage turned workspace, drop clothes turned table skirt, a vintage mannequiin, a rustic birdhouse and a gallery wall of old paintings.

Ok, thats pretty much the full tour. Hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with me. It feels kind of nice to actually have an after photo for each room even if I have some tweaks in mind for most of them.

Thanks for sharing your own before and afters with me! I love seeing such great changes. And stay tuned next week for some wonderful room makeovers courtesy of a few special guests.


  1. So gorgeous! I love the color scheme. The bedroom is simply amazing!

  2. I can't believe how wonderful your home is. How long has this taken you? Great bones to your home, but you've also got great taste.

  3. I have a question. I am sure you have already answered this in many posts, but how long did the this whole process take you? You have quite a bit of rooms and had to convert many of them, so I was just curious. You guys did a fab job!

  4. Was that a frying pan on the guest bath toilet? Wierd.

    I absolutely LOVE your home! You've created such wonderful spaces from something that needed a lot of work. Did you ever show pics of the completed in-law on the ground level?

  5. I am so glad you repurposed the claw foot tub. I would have screamed bloody murder if you tossed it. Loved that you found a way to salvage the vintage bathroom tile. It's very cool. Too bad was cracked and had to be completely replaced.

  6. I love seeing all of the photos again. Seeing them all together really shows how much you have done to your beautiful home. I love your colors and how you put things together. I also love how you are unapologetic about your love of television. We are fans too and I the only time the TV goes into hiding in the armoire is when there is company. I really should just embrace it! Thank you for the trip through memory lane. Makes me want to get up and redecorate something!

  7. Love the recap. Everytime I see one of your rooms, I spot something else that I didn't see before. Gorgeous!

  8. It looks simply stunning! I bet you are just thrilled :-)

  9. Stunning! You've done an amazing job!! (and I've been following you to see it one step at a time) LOVE your office!!

    BTW - I'm having an litography giveaway by Cecilia Carlstedt (she's an illustrator and has previously worked for vogue, elle, H&M, neiman marcus)

  10. I think your decor is absolutely wonderful, however I am most impressed with the structural renovations that you made to the home. It is just astounding, and must have cost a fortune. But now you have an amazing home that is just how you like it, and a great investment for your future. I love everything you did!

  11. Your home is beautiful! What an amazing transformation. The electric skillet in the guest bath is quite the conversation starter, no?

  12. your bathroom before and afters amaze me every time I see them!

  13. I forgot to mention redoing my guest bath with metallic stripes if you'd like to take a peek...

  14. I absolutely love love LOVE what you have done! That office is to die for. Great work, I look forward to seeing more before & afters!

  15. You had such vision....

  16. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Very pretty! May I ask what color you painted the master bedroom?

  17. It just proves that it is possible to transform a sow's ear into a silk purse.


  18. great summary. i wish i had a before and after...that was completely finished! all mine are before & "not quite yet" afters!!
    have a fabulous weekend...

  19. Your house is just gorgeous! Do you like the comforter on your bed or not? I remember you buying it and not being sure about it?

  20. Mary Zee10:33 PM

    Love love love your office/workspace. Those oversized scissors are fantastic! Any chance you recall name of the wall color?

  21. Uh...that master bedroom is EXACTLY the color scheme I'm looking for for mine. I was going to do just gray and yellow but I LOVE the light blue mixed in. Totally copying you on this... :)

  22. Nice picks! specially the little room!
    reminds me of


  24. I never get tired of looking at your home! So beautiful!

  25. veronika10:12 AM

    what a perfect finish!every of the room transformed to a highest standard!

  26. So I found your photos on houzz and just love what you've done. My husband and I did the same thing (

    I just have to ask, do you remember the name/brand of paint color you used in the master bedroom?
    Thanks so much!
    Lydia gravis

  27. Do you remember the name of the paint color you used in the master bedroom? Love it!

    My husband and I renovated too! (

    Thanks! Lydia gravis


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