Conquered Closet: Meredith's Striped Master

Before we move on to less traditional storage solutions, I just had to pair yesterdays master closet makeover with another beauty. Welcome Meredith Welcome to Heardmont whose master closet I first spotted on pinterest and had to see more of it.
Welcome Brooklyn Limestone readers. Today I'm going to be sharing how my husband and I organized our walk-in closet to make getting ready in the mornings a lot more pleasant. Since I'm an instant gratification kind of person, here's a sneak peek of how it turned out.

Closet Wide C

Our house was built in 1981, so our closet featured shag carpet, wood trim, and popcorn ceilings when we moved in. Here's a glimpse of the space just three years ago.

Closet Carpet

Before we could get to the fun part of our closet makeover, we had a lot of prep work to do. An overflowing washing machine on the other side of our closet wall forced us to rip out the carpet within weeks of moving in. We chose to replace the carpet with floor tiles that matched those in our adjoining master bath. It was a messy first experience with tiling, but it turned out great in the end.

We're no strangers to removing popcorn ceilings around here, so when we decided to give the closet a fresh coat of paint, we scraped and smoothed the ceilings as well.

Popcorn Ceilings

Much better, right?

Ceiling Painted

The next step was taking this mess of mis-matched hangers, clothes that didn't fit anymore, and random items stored on the top shelf and sorting everything into something more manageable.

Closet Before R

First we decided on some rules. We chose to only use the closet space for clothes, shoes, items we use in the master bedroom and bathroom (extra pillows, toilet paper, towels), and luggage. All the camping gear and other random junk that had been taking up valuable closet real estate was banished!

Closet Before L

Having matching hangers, no matter how inexpensive they are, can make your closet feel instantly more organized. We couldn't justify new wood hangers, so I bought a few more packs of black and white plastic hangers and we donated the rest. We decided to take the visual appeal one step further and organized our clothes by style and color as well.

Here's how our closet looked after we hung a temporary light fixture, purged some clothes, added shoe racks and moved back in.

Closet During

This setup worked great until I got the decorating bug and decided to bring our white, gray and yellow color scheme from the master bedroom into our closet. One evening of painting gray stripes just above the closet shelf did wonders for making our closet feel larger, taller, and more like an actual room.

Striped Added

The rest of the design snowballed from there, and a few short weeks later, we had a completely transformed space!

Closet Wide C

One of my favorite additions to the room is the oversized pendant light fixture (CB2). That thing puts out so much light and makes finding clothes in the morning much easier.

Closet After C

I was also pumped to find this gray and white area rug (at Walmart, of all places) to warm up the tile floors.

Gray Runner

On my side of the closet, I hung my shirts and dress pants and placed my shoes on the racks beneath. Up above, we found a couple of hat boxes to match our color scheme (they hold purses and hats) and a black and white tray to store extra toilet paper (Hobby Lobby).

Closet After L

Who would have thought a tray of toilet paper could look so fancy?

TP + Hat Boxes

My husband hangs significantly less clothing than I do, so he graciously gave me a bit of his side of the closet for my dresses. Up above, we have another black and white tray for our yellow towels (World Market) and some photo storage boxes for things like nylons, cufflinks, and other small items we don't use every day.

Closet R

It's so nice not to have a ton of clutter on that top shelf anymore. I love that we didn't completely hide the stripes with random boxes and that we actually have room to store extra bedding and throw pillows from our master bedroom now.


In the center of the room, I replaced the mirror that hung over our little dresser with this jewelry board for hanging necklaces.

Jewelry Stand

Instead of a jewelry box for earring, pins, and bracelets, I use a snack/dip set from Bed Bath & Beyond. This has to be one of my favorite re-purposes ever, and I recommend it to friends all the time. My earrings hang perfectly around the edges of the bowls and it's so much easier to see what I have in these white bowls than in a tiny box.

Jewelry Holder

Once we'd finished the dirty work in this closet, these surface treatments and organization supplies only cost around $100. Pretty encouraging if you're planning on doing something similar in your home, right?

Closet L

If you'd like step-by-step instructions on how we tackled the painted stripes or popcorn ceilings or a source list for what we used in this room, hop on over to Welcome to Heardmont and click the master closet link in our sidebar.

Thanks for letting me share our closet with your readers, Stefanie! I'm looking forward to the rest of your closet organization series!


  1. i just love meredith- she has awesome style! thanks for featuring her today!

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    This is an amazing closet. It is so smartly organized. I especially love the gray stripes which pull your eye up and give the illusion of more height. Very well done. I wish I had such a closet.

  3. I'm in the process of re-organizing my own closet so these posts are like organizational crack for me! I love the stripes on this closet. Keep the inspiration coming!

  4. Love this closet! Designer look on a chips and salsa budget!LOL

  5. Great Job Meredith! I think I could live in your closet!

  6. Wow, the jewelry storage solutions are divine! Great job!

  7. Looks great!! Such good ideas. Love the stripes and yes it does make the space look instantly taller. Great use of the chip & dip dishes:)

    Amy R {plain & fancy living}

  8. I was skeptical at first about this closet series... But I am REALLY digging some of these closet renos! It's so inspiring to me, especially considering how badly I need to re-organize my closet...

  9. I love the idea of the dip bowls for jewelry... totally stealing that!  And you've given me new ideas for organizing my shoes, which are crazy all over the place!  Thanks!

  10. Lisa Rozario4:06 PM

    A very well thought out closet makeover from the vertical stripes to lend visual height to the dip set for jewelry. I love the organization of anything by color - great aesthetics.

  11. Zuccherozuccheroblog4:19 PM

    looks great! i hope there wasnt asbestos in that acoustic ceiling...

  12. Love the tiered bowls for jewelry!

  13. Lavenderandlilies9:54 PM

    I love this series!

  14. Such a pretty transformation! Love the color coordination :)

  15. Stephanie Poli11:50 PM

    This is such an inspiring post! I absolutely adore the colors you picked and the tiered jewelry dishes are a great idea for saving space. Bravo!

  16. I am so jealous of all the closet space you American's seem to have. We don't have separate walking closets here Scotland and have to make do with wardrobes in our bedrooms. But I am loving all the cool storage ideas which i will be copying when it comes to tackling our bedroom.

  17. Oh most American's dont have walk in closets - particularily in big cities where space is at a premium. This is a just a really gorgeous space. I'm jealous too.

  18. I have textured ceilings I'm dying to get rid of, and I'd JUST been wondering how to do that. Thanks for the link.

    The closet is lovely! She's right: matching hangers, no matter how cheap, really enhance the closet. And I especially liked the toilet paper roll holder. Nice.

  19. Wow, the jewelry storage solutions are divine! Great job!


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