Conquered Closet: Kate's Centsational Master

Today's guest poster needs no introduction but I'll introduce her anyway. It's Kate of Centsational Girl! It will come as no surprise that she whipped up her master closet into glam style in no time. Not only does it look beautiful but I love how she did something so few people seem to have the courage to do - paint ugly laminate shelving! I'll let her tell you all about it.


One Saturday afternoon I decided I was tired of the brown shelving and wanted to paint them gray with the hint of perfect peony pink on the walls ~ completely and totally girl. My mister told me I was crazy so I reminded him that he had his own closet with brown laminate shelving off our bedroom and he could keep his brown shelves, fondle them, caress them and sing sweet love songs to them.


As for me and my closet, we were going girly glam all the way. I envisioned something completely feminine, more like a boutique! So I painted the shelves and the walls, switched out the chandelier, and refinished the jewelry chest too. Then I put only half my clothes back inside and I think I’ll just live that way forever.


Originally, I thought about wallpaper on the walls, but after considering the cost and the extensive and precise trimming required to install around all that shelving, I took the simple route and opted for paint instead. I’ve painted laminate before, the trick is to use the right primer. Oil based Zinsser Cover Stain has always worked for me.


For the paint, I chose ‘Mellow Pink’ for the walls, and ‘Pewter’ for the shelving, both by Benjamin Moore, then I added a clematis stencil in champagne and silver metallic paint, and scattered the whimsical stems around the space. A quick coat of white spray paint on an old shiny brass chandy and a new ceiling medallion adds a bit more glam to this closet space.



  1. Oh, I love it! The blue was a great choice for the wood work. The closet has a definite vintage-chic feel and it's so beautiful!!

  2. That is one beautiful closet.  So soft and feminine.

  3. Oh my God that is an *aamzing* closet! I can't wait until I have a closet that big. Right now he+I are sharing a tiny tiny closet so I'm daydreaming :)

  4. Robyn9:58 AM

    love how bright, clean and fresh it is-makes me want to sort out my earrings!

  5. Well shoot!  Now I'm feeling like I need to find a day to redo my closet.  After seeing this gorgeous "boutique," I am totally inspired!!! Way to go Kate! 

  6. Beautiful. I really need to get with it and do something to mine now. I love these closet posts! Maybe I should start with my pantry;/ Ha!

  7. christine{bijouandboheme}10:46 AM

    Gorgeously girly- love!!!

  8. What a beautiful accomplishment!  The overall look is gorgeous, but I especially appreciate the little touches - the petite painting, the metallic paint you chose for the stencils and the fresh flowers (ha!).  Would certainly be more inspired to keep my closet tidy if it looked anything like your beauty!

  9. Plain & Fancy Living11:12 AM

    Looking pretty sweet to me! I love a good paint transformation. This closet looks fantastic!! Way better painted.

    Amy R. {plain & fancy living}

  10. Theresa12:12 PM

    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Pat Taveras2:16 PM

    oh gosh, I love that closet, I could live there

  12. Centsational Girl3:03 PM

    Thanks for having me Mrs. BL! Delighted to be a guest and looking forward to even more stylish closet solutions coming up!

  13. Wrenaria3:41 PM

    The closet series is giving me major closet envy.

  14. Well I know how I'm redoing my own closet in my new home!!! Thanks for the inspiration Kate. My first house ever and I feel like I've been handed a blank canvas and free creative reign!!! I'm giddy!!! --- 

  15. Lisa Raes9:40 PM

    So so pretty, I love the color choice and all the small details

  16. Kristin10:02 PM

    I love it but that was kind of a tease. i'd like to see waaaaay more pictures!

  17. Megan@twodelighted10:04 PM

    Beautiful!  My closet is so shameful.  This is making me feel motivated.  I am sure it will pass.  :)

  18. the pewter was a nice choice for the shelves.

  19. I love it!!! I'm totally inspired now to tackle my horrible overstuffed closet. Love your colour choices and the chandelier.

  20. Drool-worthy style! If only I could convince my hubby this was the way to go! The pewter color paint is gorgeous.

  21. the pewter was a nice choice for the shelves.


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