Trash to Treasure: Statement Desk

Closing out this installment of Trash to Treasure Transformation is the talented Emily of Jones Design Company. She is a master crafter and is kind enough to share some of her tips and tricks with all of us on her blog.


Transforming something ordinary {and maybe a little ugly} into something beautiful and useful is one of my favorite things to do. Usually these projects are cost-effective and produce the best results. Take my office desk, for instance.

Here it is in it’s raw state.


At that point I was thinking I would add a skirt. But once it was sanded



painted {two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint in Rushing River}


given a band of white grosgrain ribbon


and some silver nail head trim



I ended up really liking its modern simplicity.

So here she is now living happily in my office.

What was once an pretty ugly desk, is now a one-of-a-kind statement piece {that is very practical, too!}.
Questions about my office? Here are the past posts: office {part one}, office {specifics}, office {rearranged}, painted wallpaper {tutorial}, painted wallpaper {clarified}



  1. Love it. Very simple and unique.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I want that desk!!!

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I would looove to sit at that desk. Very pretty!

  4. The ribbon and nail head trim take it to a whole new level! LOVE IT!

  5. I love how that turned out!

  6. Oh, wow, that's amazing. So simple - I love it!

    xo, Jessica @ Jessica's Jewels

  7. The ribbon trim is a creative touch and I love the texture it adds. What a fabulous makeover.

  8. goagainstthegrain10:31 PM

    love the desk! Also love the twirl framed art on the wall!!

  9. Amazing!!! I love this simple but perfect transformation! It looks stunning!

  10. Bethany at Powell Brower Home11:07 AM

    GREAT job!  You know, I didnt think I needed to spruce up my desk at all, but that ribbon and nailhead idea could work anywhere - I lOVE IT 

  11. Love the nailhead on it!  Awesome!

  12. What a great way to update this table. It seems the small details really make it look great.

  13. I have those legs sitting in my shed!  Want to do this a.s.a.p.

  14. I love when people have the ability to see something beautiful in something mundane.  You really have created an attractive piece.  And on a budget!  I definitely think that the desk looks classy and even a bit girly.

  15. HI there, you may want to try Sherwin Williams Proclassic paint as it is super hard drying paint that is meant for furniture, cabinets, doors and trim! The best part is that when you set something on top of it  won't have that stick that happens with wall paint. Thought  you may want to know for future projects. The office and desk look perfect! Congrats on your little girl.


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