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It wouldn't take very much investigation to figure out that molding makes me weak in the knees.  I just love it.   While I've always felt fixtures are like the right accessories, molding is like great undergarements.  It provides structure and vavoom and you can't have a beautiful look without it!

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So when I decided to go with a dark blue wall for the nursery, I knew I wanted to add a swath of white to break up the wall and trim it out with some pretty molding.  Having never DIY'd this before, I was a little nervous but it was surprisingly easy.   This is MUCH easier than crown molding which requires coping saws and all kinds of doodads and math that I'm not in the mood for.

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Start with a molding of your choice.  I purchased this beaded flat kind from Lowes but you could easily use something more ornate like egg + dart, something more craftsman like a squared 1 x 8 or picture ledge molding. (Which I absolutely love having on my first floor, I just didn't want to deal with another dust collecting surface here when I knew I would not use it as a ledge).  Provided its small and light, its a snap.

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You will need: a level, a tape measure, a miter saw or miter box, molding, a pencil, liquid nails construction adhesive

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As you can see, I had already set up a level line in the room using the paint transition.  If you aren't using two colors, you'll want to create level lines on the wall first.  Before cutting, paint molding color of your choice, then carefully measure (the saying is wrong - measure 10x, cut once!).  Then you'll need to put your thinking caps on because you'll want to write out exactly the kind of cuts you'll need for each piece:  miters for inside corners and joint cuts for extending long pieces.  Since my house is old and the walls were wonky, I was expecting a lot of troublesome math here but what I found was that if you cut carefully, the molding does butt up nicely against each other even when the walls aren't perfect.

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With all of the cuts done, dry fit each piece to make sure it fits just right. Then get to glueing.  I used a small bead of adhesive down each piece before carefully applying to the level line on the wall.  Hold for 10 sec and that baby is on there for good.

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Much to my shock, that was it!**  I love how it looks.  On to the book ledges...

**I had nails, filler and caulk at the ready with the expectation I would need that but it went up beautifully without it so I decided to not tempt the fates by messing with it any further.  (Obviously if you were using a heavier molding, nailing into the studs would be important)


  1. Giulia@fishlynews.com9:01 AM

    This is so pretty and I really like how you didn't go all the way up the wall with the dark navy - this makes such a statement. I love molding, but I live in a 1950s split - molding isn't really a feature here and my bedroom ceiling is only 7.5 feet high...sigh.

  2. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}9:45 AM

    that is gorgeous, S! I did something similar in my daughter's room, but the glue wouldn't stick to her wall...I had to use finishing nails to keep it in place. :/ But still, a lot of bang for your buck!

  3. Stephanie10:08 AM

    Looks beautiful!  What color is the ceiling? It looks like a soft blue on my monitor - so pretty with the dark wall.

  4. Fantastic!  The trim molding looks great and by the way, I have crown molding envy!  I have yet to be able to put crown molding up in my place and I long for the day!  Do you think that the liquid nail glue would work if I wanted to put trim on the ceiling?

  5. The ceiling is a stark, flat white (China white by Benjamin Moore).  It probably looks blueish because I took the finished images very early in the morning AND this is a north facing room.

  6. As long as you were using wood trim that was flat and light, the glue would definitely work on the ceiling (honestly, ive never seen glue that sets up so fast and holds so strongly) Naturally this wont work with crown molding since its much larger and it doesn't sit flat on the wall.

    If your flat molding is made of foam, Im not sure if this glue would still work. The directions say both surfaces must be porous so it works great on wood.

  7. Gorgeous detail--and so nice that it was so simple!

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  9. how2home3:00 PM

    This nursery room looks beautiful! The trim is perfect :)

  10. Debra Otjen5:45 PM

    Moulding is incredible and literally makes a room!

  11. Stephanie Morris10:26 PM

    Stunning! What a classic and elegant nursery, Stefanie!

  12. It's beautiful.

  13. Oh gosh, I can't wait to see the finished nursery, it's already so unique and beautiful!

  14. Beautiful!  I did crown molding 2 summers ago and it actually wasn't too bad.  The caulking and painting was the most annoying part to me.  I am thinking about hanging another smaller piece to extend the look of the crown and I might just have to try.

  15. You totally should do it. Crown is so much more of a pain than this was so doing this little trim will be a complete breeze for you.

  16. dear mrs limestone,  for a baby this is tooo dark or at least is what the photo reads!

  17. Thanks for your input but Im not a pastel or bright paint nursery person. Everyone is different. I really love the color.


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