Navy in the Nursery: Paint is done!

I'm back! I'm sure you didn't miss me at all thanks to the lovely ladies who kept my seat warm by sharing their trash to treasure (if you missed them, catch up here). Thank you again!

Being away for a week has done nothing to accomplish my ever growing to-do list but we did get to enjoy a great babymoon where I did a lot of nothing.

Thankfully Mr. Limestone was able to knock out the nursery paint job before we left. Woo-hoo! Unlike my usual process of putting up a ton of testers and thinking it over for a dinosaur age, I had only tested out 2 shades of blue before committing to the Martha Stewart Wrought Iron in a Glidden Duo flat base. I was a wee bit nervous but it is the exact rich shade of blue I wanted (click here to see the nursery design). Here is a bit of an iphone photo teaser.

Above the blue is 12 inches of stark white and on the door and trim we have the same Benjamin Moore Bone White Ive used elsewhere in the house. Next up: Molding! (or I should say learning now to miter and then adding molding). Mitering tips welcome.

Here is how the rest of the nursery to-do list is going:
1. building display bookshelves Bought Ikea ones that Ill cut down to size!
2. add picture rail and panel moldings, hang shelves Up next!
3. find a vintage dresser that fits the space and repaint it Nada so far
4. repaint the walls Done!
5. new curtains/roman shade/pillow Narrowed down fabric
6. paint 'bookshelves' on the panels
7. buy crib, chair, rug and changing thingy for the top of the dresser Crib is here, chair on order.
8. make art
9. make bookish mobile
10. find matching bedding Havent found much -might have to sew own sheets. Boo.
11. stock the room with baby essentials


  1. Melissa Irvin9:52 AM

    Love the color you chose.  Loved the storyboard for the nursery earlier.  So unexpected and perfect.  Can't wait to see everything come together. 

  2. That colour (and the matte finish) is fantastic. Great choice. Glad you enjoyed your baby moon!

  3. Thepickygirlblog10:19 AM

    Love it! Can't wait to see more of what's going on in there.

  4. ramblingrenovators10:55 AM

    Looking great and cozy already!

  5. So you don't have to miter corners or buy the miter box & deal with having to caulk where it doesn't quite meet, they sell crown molding corner pieces for inside & outside corners & they look great.  We used them the last time we put up molding in the living room at my mom's townhouse.  Here's a link

  6. I already have crown molding in here so I dont have to add that - just the picture rail and panel molding. A lot easier than crown but mitering is a must.

  7. Absolutely love that shade of blue.  We're currently doing a bedroom makeover and you have just helped in choosing the colour for us!  Great inspiration!

  8. That blue is gorgeous!

  9. jackie jade12:07 PM

    Love that blue and the matte finish definitely makes a difference!

    - jackie jade @

  10. It's looking good so far. Can't wait to see the rest!

  11. Can't wait to see how it all comes together! 

  12. It's GORGEOUS! Looks like the color I painted in my loft! I can't wait to see more :)

  13. If you run out of energy to sew sheets, try Etsy - there are loads of craftspeople there who sell custom bedding, including crib sheets and changing pad covers.

    My friend's husband made a cute little "Where the Wild Things Are" mobile for their son. The technique he used could bring any book's characters to life. Check it out here:

  14. 12. Have baby - put cute baby in cute room!

  15. how2home4:07 PM

    LOVE the color! It's bold and chic. Great color choice!

  16. Love that sneak!  Gorgeous color.

  17. Renae Scott Moore11:05 PM

    Oh my goodness, I have been away for a while.  Congats on the new little one coming into your lives.  I am about to be a grandmother for the first time in the next few weeks...absolutely cannot wait!
    Blessings to you for great nesting and feeling well!

  18. Have you check out Ivie Baby on Etsy for bedding? ( ) She's great and she has a lot of fabrics to choose from.

  19. Love that colour!
    Can hardly wait to se more...

  20. Thanks Abigail.  Ill check them out.  My crib is an odd shape so its not as easy to order bedding from etsy unless the seller knows how to make it to size.  (I imagine I could give some dimensions but not sure how open they are to that)

  21. Thanks Laura.  Im working on a mobile using felt - we'll see how it goes.  I can't find a ready made pattern to copy so Im learning as I go.

  22. Amanda719:56 AM

    I am wanting to do picture frame moulding in my living room, I found already made picture frames at Lowes. The frames are fairly reasonable and would save lots of time and aggravation, they are also already primed.

  23. Thanks Amanda.  Ive seen those but they are way too small for what I need them for.

  24. Dina @ Honey + Fitz4:17 PM

    Can I ask how you plan to do the curved molding you showed in your mock up of the room? I'd love to do something similar for a chalk wall in our kitchen but I have no idea where to get that curved molding for the corners of those molding panels.

  25. Hi Dina. You can buy the corner moldings already made. They come in a few different styles ranging from anything from simple to super rococo ornate. hope that helps.


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