Trash to Treasure: Graphic Bulletin Board

Wrapping up this trash to treasure series is Chelsea from Two Twenty One. Aside from just being a fun, well designed blog to follow, she shares some great easy projects anyone can put to use without the use of power tools or much expertise. And she has a card catalog! Today she is sharing a goodie featuring coral print fabric (yea, a woman after my own heart!)


Hey, Brooklyn Limestone readers! I'm Chelsea from Two Twenty One, where I share my latest home improvement projects, furniture makeovers, crafts, recipes, home decor and season decor ideas. I'm stopping by to share my fabric covered faux nail head trimmed cork board with you. Get. Excited.

I made this from a cork board I already had, some fabric from JoAnn Fabric, and thumbtacks from Walmart. The total cost was around $12.

This is what I started with-- a perfectly good, 12+ year old cork board.

I started by ironing the fabric because no one likes creases on their fabric-covered cork board. Then I sprayed the cork board with adhesive before laying the fabric on top. I smoothed out the fabric with my hands so there weren't any bubbles.

Then I started to push in the thumbtacks. (Push it real good.)

After all 200+ thumbtacks were in place and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off even though I did this over the span of a couple days, I hot glued the excess fabric onto the back of the cork board.

The original cork board hung horizontally but after deciding to put it on a small wall, I moved the little hangers so it could hang vertically.

Note: If you plan on taking on the self-torturous task of pushing 200+ thumbtacks into a cork board I suggest spreading it out over a few days. Your fingers will thank you.


  1. jcan4047099:53 AM

    Ahhh, so cute!  Great job!  Thanks for sharing. :)  xo

  2. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}10:00 AM

    Cute project, chelsea! I used thumbtacks as nailhead for my son's cork board two years ago, and I still have an indentation in my finger! Hope you're having a great trip, S!

  3. Such a great idea! Love it. :) Also, I have that same exact magazine tearout with the blue-green paint colors. Great minds and all that...

  4. Great project Chelsey!  I love the idea of using tumbtacks instead of nailhead trim.  Looks the same, if not better. 

  5. man!  now I'm wishing we hadn't cut up our cork board (like this) to reuse the cork in an empty dresser mirror frame.  I mean it turned out great for our dresser but this is great...and I had one laying around!! ;)

  6. Love it! I used this same fabric in the gray for a pair of hanging drum shade pendant lights over my kitchen table! I really like how you wrapped the frame with the fabric too! Super Cute!!

  7. I love the fabric in combination with the 'golden' thumbtacks.
    And a major plus for reusing the 12+ years old cor board. :D

  8. Love what you did with your bulletin boards

  9. Apron Girl12:02 PM

    I absolutely Love this idea!  It seems so simple and looks FAB.  When I actually get my home office together I would like to give this a try. thx

  10. Kim@NewlyWoodwards9:52 PM

    This turned out great. Love the fabric.

  11. how2home4:07 PM

    Cute makeover!

  12. tcknudsen956:09 PM

    The cork board you used, did it have a frame attached to it?  

  13. Chelsea @ Two Twenty One12:34 AM

    Yep!  Everything was attached.


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