Curbside Find Coated

Remember this curbside find?  You can all breathe a sigh of relief that the inside was completely empty.  No jimmy hoffa, no pirates gold, nothing.

But a few weeks in the elements wasn't doing it any favors. So I pulled off all the warped pieces, filled in with wood putty, sanded it all down and gave it throughout coating with oil exterior paint in a cream color called Linen Canvas.

CurbsideFindChestPainted (1 of 2)CurbsideFindChestPainted (2 of 2)CurbsideFindChestPainted

The paint needs to fully cure before I do anything else to it but I'm kind of digging the cream. Naturally I can't leave it this bare but I'm scratching the plan of ripping it all apart. It's a fun piece just as it is and will be a great spot to store tools and outdoor cushions as well as serve for extra seating when we have guests outside. It just needs a little decorative love.  My favorite kind! More to come...


  1. amazing what paint can do-- it looks great!

  2. It looks like new, it's awesome! you did a great work!
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