Spring Makeovers | Before + After Blitz

You've already seen the backyard makeover that I did for one lovely couple last week but the fun was happening in 9 other cities too!  Without further ado, here is some of before + after action thanks to some very talented bloggers.

Click on any of the photos to bring you directly to the full makeover reveal!  There are so many things to point out but Ill limit myself to my favorite elements of each makeover...

city farmhouse turned a wasted corner into a nautical themed serving bar | liz marie used a grey blue paint on the floors to add an upscale note to a rustic outdoor room

beneath my heart added charm with diy shutters | the golden sycamore made this bathroom sing with craftsman details like board + batten | diy playbook created a personalized piece of outdoor artwork

our fifth house added loads of great seating for endless entertaining | home stories a to z used a family photo to make an all seasons room cozy

I loved being part of this group.  It's so fun to see what each did with a similar budget and timeframe.  I hope you've found lots of inspiration for your own makeovers along the way.


  1. Oh, these were such fun to see! How cool is Lowe's for sponsoring this, and all you ladies for donating your time.

    I'm surprised that you were the only one who offered permanent sun protection...I'd have thought pergolas would have really made outdoor spaces vastly more usable in the summer, but then I'm Southern so maybe the summer sun is more of an issue down here!

    And several of the projects really needed your vertical herb garden! :o)

    1. Thanks!

      Oh sun protection is important here too to make the outside more usable! Everyone worked pretty closely with their homeowners so perhaps it wasn't an issue for other spaces because they had better natural shade? But I'm a girl who loves to sit in the shade (my vampire white skin my have given that tidbit about me away already) so I'm all about a pergola :)


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