The Lazy Man's Vertical Pallet Garden

Gasp!  I'm in violation of the code.  The code that states that every home blogger must have at least one pallet project in the archive.  Evidently after 8 years, I had to be stopped or suffer the consequences. I argued with the authorities that I really had tried.  [See exhibit A: The Problem with Pallets]  After that experience I learned I don't much like pulling apart pallets (and they don't seem to like it much either).  I argued "free" wood isn't really free if you have to spend the better part of the day and risk life and limb for it.  But alas, they won out and I've been sentenced.

Ok, I'm kidding but it's time I joined the pro-pallet side for just a minute. Why? Because I stumbled upon the fastest, easiest, no tools required way to turn a discarded pallet into a vertical garden.

Seriously, I really don't like working with pallets but when I ran across this curbside a few months back, it called out to me.  My husband dutifully carried it back for me (Isn't he handsome?).  How could I use it without having to wrestle it apart?  Ding ding ding!

I bought these uber cheap hanging pots and hooked them right onto the boards.  No tools.  No mess. No time at all.  And it holds a heck of a lot of plants.  More than I imagined.

The plants will need a little time to fill out and I will eventually paint the wood so it looks like one cohesive piece but I just had to share.  I know I'm going to love having this wall garden in our backyard. So anyone who has an extra pallet laying around or just wants to make the most of their limited outdoor space - this project is for you! 


  1. Love a quick and easy project and this is a great one! You must post an update once the plants have filled out. I'd love to see how it turns out.

    I have yet to do a pallet project (though I have two pallets currently in the garage?!). Shhh.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely share it again when I have a more compelling "after" photo. Grow plants, grow.

      I am willing to bet lots of people reading have a unused pallet stashed somewhere in their house. I blame Pinterest!

  2. Love your little garden wall! Lots of impact for little cash and little work! i especially like the idea of the "hanging pots", but when I checked the Ikea link I discovered they are described as only being 5 inches wide. yours look much bigger and therefore more useful for larger plants. Am I missing something? Are they also available in larger sizes?

    1. Yes, they are about 5 inches wide. Perfect to plant a quart sized plant with a little extra room to spare. Most of these plants are mums (purchased for $2 each at a local home improvement store) and they just needed a little extra dirt and they were done.


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