DIY Mountain Lodge Sign

If you have been trolling around the various Christmas decor posts this year, you might have noticed there seems to be an abundance of miniature skis everywhere. That's because Target sold this adorable wooden decorative element for $3 bucks and everyone went nuts (me included!).  As soon as I saw them, I knew just what I wanted to do...

While I don't really do a specific "theme" at Christmas, I seem to be veering toward the cozy, rustic lodge feel this season.  This DIY sign totally embraced that concept and made the perfect accent for my dining room wall.  I was able to use materials I already had (except for the skis of course!) so I was able to complete it in an afternoon. I still have a bit more decorating to do before I can call it ready for the festivities but this sign might be my favorite project this year.

I started by cutting down a piece of picket fencing (the very same I used for my Charlottes Web Halloween decorations). Then, using a pencil I set up the layout, erasing as needed until I was happy with the design.  White and red paint was used to fill in the pencil marks along with a black sharpie for shadow lines.  Finally I erased the pencil lines and hung up the sign.  Voila!

I'll be sharing more of this years Christmas decor next week.  I hope you aren't already sick of holiday posts just yet.  Since I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving I always feel a little bit behind.


  1. I love that! I totally would have been on the mini-ski bandwagon - if we still had a Target here :( Love the rustic lodge theme you have going on. I spy antlers!

  2. Now I need a mountain lodge sign (and I spy dollar spot skis!!). Beautiful, my heart always skips a beat for handpainted signs. #saynotovinyl

  3. Just starting to decorate today, bring it on:)
    Are you doing any new gift tag printable a this year? Yours are so great!


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