Baby steps...

Who knew furnishing a single room would be this complicated? But Im making baby steps of progress. Ive put my positive thinking cap on and Im going to assume that all of my furniture dramas are behind me and its just a matter of ticking off the days until the pieces arrive.

To make me feel a bit better, Im posting this photo of what the room looked like before the renovation started.
Living Room Before
See, things could be much worse.

In an effort to move toward normal home life, I ordered the coffee table yesterday. What do you think?
I had seen this table ages ago but ruled it out because it didn't have a lower shelf. (I like to put current books & magazines out of the way but still easy to reach). It wasn't until T at The Stamford Wife (I think its offcial - Im her design stalker) blog mentioned she was considering it that I showed it to Mr. Limestone and he astutely pointed out that there was a bottom shelf! Hooray! Ideally, I would have liked the glass to be on top and the mirror underneath but compromises must be made and its on its way. Naturally, its backordered til August but since I've waited this long, whats the harm in waiting a few more weeks?

So to recap, all of the major furniture has been ordered for the living room. This couch with two matching chairs & side table:
'LoringalstotableFrench Directoireripoff

I just need to figure out a rug and accessories and Im done. The accessories will have to wait until my furniture arrives but I'd like to get the rug sorted before everything gets here if possible. Im fairly certain I want a solid color shag to add a little texture but Im not sure if I want to go monochromatic (as nicely displayed in the coffee table image above) or I want to add a tiny bit of constrast by adding a much lighter rug. So Im torn between something like these two options
Or if you have any better ideas, I'd love to hear them.

As for accessories, Im stuck on these frames but I don't have anything else in mind.
I think the large chandelier in here is a pretty big accessory so I don't need a lot more but I think it needs something else.
Close up of chandelier details
Any ideas?

Who knows, I may have some put together living room photos to show you before the year is out!


  1. It is so hard to wait isn't it , I am waiting patiently for my new appliances , I just hope they aren't late.
    I love the coffee table, best option for sure.

  2. Thanks Chris. I think I liked the Drexel Heritage one a tiny bit better but I never liked the idea that it was on I think this one is more practical. Ive never had a problem with restoration hardware so Im hoping their excellent customer service continues :)

  3. I love that coffee table- nice choice with the other pieces. I think I would prefer the lighter rug, but i'm not sure how practical it would be.

  4. Lovely table and when it dressed with delightful books and such, it will look simply stunning.
    As for the rug, from experience, go for a pattern, there are patterns that can remain neutral yet not boring. All the beige rugs suddenly take on a life of "oh, that' when sowandsew spilled red wine, and that is and then suddenly it becomes an unintended eyesore. I love all the patterns, Hicks, KWD, you can find them for less, but a rug can be an heirloom!
    Lighting is important for reading and the change the ambiance. Dimmers add to the mood. Some side chairs with personality and accent pillows.

  5. Any particular pattern you think might work? As you can tell, Im keeping a very calm look to this room and I can't imagine a pattern working in here.

    Thus my cheapo solid rugs that can be replaced if any big accidents create an eyesore.

    I have tons of light in here (recessed, chandy, sconces) all on dimmers so Im good on that account.

  6. Hey! It's your "decor twin" (your not stalking me...we just have very similar taste).

    I'm looking at something similar to this rug for the living room (from Things That Inspire)

    Ok, now off to Greece...!

  7. Darn, the link didn't work. Anyways, check out Things That Inspire blog...she has a great post about geometric sisal. I love the idea of using a nice, crisp pattern that that.

  8. I like the sisal look but the feel of it gives me the willies. Its like touching hay. It probably stems from a traumatic experience being the scarecrow in my kindergarden play :)

  9. Nice!! I actually would prefer a tone on tone patterned rug, personally...I have a thing about too much monochrome and find that it's a really fine line to walk between elegant and boring. Not that I think you are boring!!
    Check out the Amboiseor Damask Dhurrie rug at Ballard as one option for what I'm referring to.

    This is fun! I get to help decorate your house too--just in time since I am almost done with my own ;)

  10. ** I meant Amboise OR Damask Dhurrie rugs at Ballard. Sheesh, I can't even type today!

  11. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Is your television going to be wall-mounted?

  12. I like the chandelier and think it would look great in that space...maybe you could get a smaller one?
    Great coffee table!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  13. wotgraham - yes, why do you ask?

    jen - the chandelier is already installed and I definitely love it. I was just posting a photo for reference.

  14. Cynthia - I like the damask rug pattern a lot but its too yellow for me. Plus I have an unreasonable dislike of yellow :) Surpringly, I haven't seen too many rugs that have a simple pattern like this. They usually fall into the multicolored ornate oriental style which is nice but not for me. Maybe I can find something like it elsewhere with the same pattern but right colors.

  15. Hmm yeah the Damask rug does look kind of yellow--but they send free swatches, so maybe it's worth getting the swatch just to rule it out 100%?

  16. Great choice on the coffee table. I love this rug from dash&albert but it doesn't go with colors. Check it out, I think it might work for you.

  17. that should read -our colors

  18. me again!
    just looking at the rug - I recommend to alot of clients (especially if they're worried about spills) to go with a bound carpet. pretty much any flooring store can edge a carpet - something like a Stainmaster that has much better stain-proof qualities than most rugs. that way you can get the look you're going for (either shag/frieze or a faux-sisal for about 1/2 the cost) and it will be a bit more indestructable than most rugs. check out Baeulieu's "boxweave" pattern (an olefin that is super soft but looks like sisal with a very faint pattern) or Masland and Dixie Home both offer gorgeous shag carpets that are super thick and retain their warranty even in a bound rug form.
    I agree with the simplicity of a solid but textured rug to coincide with the look that you're going for - its gonna be gorgeous!

  19. Thanks Meander. I could be wrong but I think having a rug bound is a lot more expensive than buying one off the shelf at Home Depot or the like. I have zero desire to spend a fortune on whats under my feet.


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