DIY 3 Bin Stand

You've seen the patisserie and the dress up boutique.  Closing out the series is simple but functional 3 bin storage unit that That's My Letter built to house the make your own stuffed animal activity.   This piece worked perfectly for its purpose but will make a great piece of toy storage going forward.  Want to build your own?  Pop over to That's My Letter for free plans and details.

PretendPlayParisStands_BrooklynLimestone (3 of 7)PretendPlayParisStands_BrooklynLimestone (7 of 7)

That's a wrap for the DIY party stands.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing more of the details that went into each. I'll be eternally grateful to Jaime for sharing her talents with me and making this party such a success.


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  2. Where did you find the unstuffed animals?
    I want a Paris birthday party!

  3. This is so cool!!!What an amazing idea for a party and the stand itself could be used in so many ways.


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