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I'm back!  Let's start the new year with a little look back at my favorite projects from last year. Click on any of the images for more details.

Kicking off in January we finally finished our shore kitchen renovation

Back at home, I crafted this wood slice doormat / bootmat that was a great addition during the endless snow of last winter.

February was all about crafting with two favorites.  I embellished these simple and inexpensive valentine's wooden spoons that always make me smile when I open the utensil drawer...

as well as a little personalized leather camera strap for my point and shoot.

I finally learned how to make Irish Soda Bread in March.

In May, we moved outside to build an outdoor magnetic chalkboard that was the hit of summer outdoor play...

along with this handy hanging succulent planter that turned out to be the perfect home to grow these baby plants into giant versions.

In June I was lucky enough to get to transform a wonderful couple's backyard with Lowes. I just love how it turned out.

In July, I finally got around to hanging string lights in the backyard (a task that was on my to-do list for years!)

In August, we got started on Aggie's big girl room. Still a work in progress but the black ceiling was a big win.

In September, I made a handpainted caffeine shrine to my much loved morning coffee.

In October, I tackled some simple toy storage in a DIY rolling crate.

And finally in November and December, I tackled some fun holiday projects with a wooden wreath, a rustic antler advent calendar, and a handpainted mountain lodge sign.

Hope you enjoyed the recap.  This is one of my favorite posts to share as it reminds me not to focus on the to-do list I never got around to but instead celebrate what was accomplished in the year.  Of course the sum is greater than its parts - the year was a lot more than DIY projects but I can feel good about getting a few things done each year.

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  1. Lots of great projects this year! Looking forward to seeing more of Aggie's room. And I just got a wood burning tool for Christmas so I'll have to check out your wooden spoon post for inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

  2. I think you especially nailed it this year in the outdoor department... the giant chalkboard and that pergola are my favorites! Happy new year!

  3. You are always one of my favorite reads - and 2015 was no different. I love all your projects! The rolling toy storage is totally a must-do for us.

  4. Another fabulous year!


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